1Z0-1094-21: Oracle Cloud Database Migration and Integration Exam | Ace Using Sample Questions & Real-Time Practice Tests

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What is the best way to ace the 1Z0-1094-21 exam? Studying hard, learning from sample questions, and continuous practice could lead you to 1Z0-1094-21 exam success easily. Learn more about the certification through this article.

Overview of the 1Z0-1094-21 Exam:

The 1Z0-1094-21 is an OCS level exam, and the candidate earns the Oracle Cloud Database Migration and Integration 2021 Certified Specialist (OCS) certification after passing the exam.

1Z0-1094-21, an Oracle Cloud Database Migration and Integration 2021 Certified Specialist, possesses the skills to migrate database instances to the Oracle Cloud, including Autonomous Database and Oracle Cloud Database Services, and implement data integration.

What Do the Candidates Learn through the Certification?

The 1Z0-1094-21 certified professional understands the requirements and architecture and can use multiple migration methods, such as RMAN, Data Pump, Cloning, SQL Developer, GoldenGate, and Oracle Zero Downtime Migration, depending on the source and target database options. Up to date training and hands-on experience are strongly recommended.

How to Study for the 1Z0-1094-21 Exam?

Register Early and Be Serious about Your Preparation:

A candidate must take the registration at the beginning when he decides to appear for the 1Z0-1094-21 exam. Getting the registration would give you a boost to take your preparation seriously. A serious approach is needed, as many candidates plan for the exam but leave the exam approach halfway. Registration involves your money and puts you in a mode for better preparation.

Grasp the 1Z0-1094-21 Syllabus and Nail It:

What puts you ahead of your other aspirants? It is your ability to answer more questions than others. Grasping the syllabus topics from the core allows answering a maximum number of questions. Making your theoretical knowledge stronger would ease out your journey during practical application within any project.

Get Ready with A Schedule:

If you make a 1Z0-1094-21 exam cracking schedule, completing the syllabus topics within a specific time becomes easier. Reading for longer hours is not the solution; the smart move is to work productively for 2 to 3 hours daily. A candidate should choose particular topics for daily study, mention them in his chart for easy use, and learn from the core. They must write down the essential points during the study and use these notes during revision. 

Look for Multiple Study Resources:

It is not a useful idea to incorporate multiple 1Z0-1094-21 exam study materials at once. If the candidate is confident with the syllabus topics, he must include other resources like sample questions and useful videos to gain more knowledge on the syllabus topics. Audiovisuals are quite engaging for learning and help you to remember the syllabus topics for longer.

Practicing Is Highly Recommended with 1Z0-1094-21 Practice Tests:

Practicing online is essential, according to many online candidates. You might be confident about learning, but can you deal with the multiple-choice questions within a specific time? Continuous practice with online 1Z0-1094-21 practice tests would make you familiar with the exam pattern, and it will be easy to face the 55 questions within 90 minutes. A candidate must get a 70% mark to pass the exam. Continuous practice points out the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate, which help in further improvement.

Join the 1Z0-1094-21 Training:

A candidate should join any of the following training-

  • Oracle Cloud Database Migration and Integration 2021 Certified Specialist

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Learning Subscription

The 1Z0-1094-21 related Learning Path will help existing DBAs take their knowledge to the next level and learn to migrate databases to the cloud.

Migrating Oracle Databases is a complex component of all application migrations. The candidate learns about the database migration and mechanics of executing a migration, including target database selection, migration strategies, performance measurement, monitoring, and more.

This Learning Path covers the following topics:

  • Migrating to Autonomous Database

  • Using Rman, Data Pump, and Cloning to Migrate to OCI

  • Migrating to OCI using SQL Developer, Cloud Backup, and GoldenGate

  • Understanding Your Source and Target Database Options

  • Migration with Oracle Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM)

  • Data Integration

What Is Data Management?

Data management is the method of efficiently collecting, keeping, and using data in a cost-effective manner. The primary function of data management is to help organizations, people, and connected things do the use of data within the control of policy and regulation. The process helps make decisions and take actions that enhance the benefit to the organization. The robust data management method is becoming more important than ever as organizations increasingly rely on intangible assets to create value.

Benefits of Using Oracle Database Cloud Migration:

Get the Simple and Efficient Tool:

Oracle made tools make it seamless to move the on-premises database to the Oracle Cloud with virtually no downtime. With the same technology and standards on-premises and in the Oracle Cloud, the user can facilitate the same products and skills to manage his cloud-based Oracle Databases as he would on any other platform. 

The Platform Is Flexible:

The user can directly migrate his Oracle Database to the Oracle Cloud from different source databases into other target cloud deployments depending on his requirements and business demands. A well-defined set of tools offers the flexibility to choose and implement the processes that best suits your need.

Migrating to Oracle Cloud Is Flexible:

The same flexibility that allows the user to migrate his Oracle Database to the Oracle Cloud directly is applied to find the most cost-effective solution for the purpose and duration of the migration. Even if the automated tools decide that an Oracle licensable product should be used to optimize his migration, Oracle will offer a cost-neutral solution.

Bottom Line:

What is your benefit of earning an OCS level certification? The certification could prove your credibility to potential employers, give you a pay hike, a global job, and many more. So, hurry up, pass the 1Z0-1094-21 exam and make the next big career move.

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