1Z0-105 OCP: Are Practice Tests Helpful to Ace the Exam?

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Having the 1Z0-105 certification is the path to blend Oracle Linux 6 in your career. But before you make the career, getting a study guide and practice test is important, which would lead to the certification and then a successful career.

Oracle Linux connects the latest Linux innovations with Oracle-specific capabilities such as dynamic tracing and performance optimization with Dtrace and no-downtime patching with Ksplice.

What Is Proved through the 1Z0-105 Certification?

Having the Oracle Linux Certifications will aid a candidate with a solid foundation of knowledge to implement and administer the Oracle Linux Operating System. When it is about the Oracle Certified Professional Oracle Linux 6 System Administrator (OCP), the certification talks about the candidate's advanced level skills.

Through your 1Z0-105 certification, you stand apart in the crowd by becoming certified on the only Linux distribution. The accreditation is fully optimized for Oracle products and running on Oracle's engineered systems, including Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, and Oracle Database Appliance.

Oracle Linux's Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel offers extreme performance, advanced scalability, and reliability for enterprise applications.

Target Audience for the 1Z0-105 Exam:

The 1Z0-105 certification is suitable for the following candidates-

  • Administrator

  • Manager

  • Network Administrator

  • Systems Administrator

What Do You Learn through the 1Z0-105 Exam?

A candidate learns about the following works during the 1Z0-105 exam preparation.

  • The candidate gains an understanding of the Oracle IaaS Cloud Solution.

  • Automate installation using Kickstart.

  • He learns to recover from boot errors.

  • Address today's large storage requirements.

  • Manage resources to deliver consistent response times and performance.

  • Allocate system resources to specific Linux processes.

  • Use DTrace to identify performance bottlenecks.

  • Configure the Oracle Cluster File System.

  • Use new technologies, including Linux Containers.

How to Prepare for the 1Z0-105 Exam?

Join the 1Z0-105 Training:

A candidate may join-

Oracle Linux Advanced Administration

Oracle IT Infrastructure Learning Subscription

Unlimited Learning Subscription - All Technology

The 1Z0-105 Oracle Linux Advanced Administration training is suitable for experienced administrators who need to learn more about the advanced features of Oracle Linux. The candidate will learn to configure network and authentication services, implement virtualization technologies to maintain system resources more effectively, and deploy new file systems. They learn to enhance performance and increase data integrity while developing troubleshooting and advanced storage administration techniques.

Research about the 1Z0-105 Exam Pattern:

The 1Z0-105 exam consists of 97 questions with multiple-choice and scenario-based questions. A candidate needs to take the exam within the time frame of 150 minutes and get 61% marks to pass the exam. Making the registration early helps to stay prepared for the exam in a better manner.

Follow One Daily Routine:

Once you are ready with a routine, you can cover the 1Z0-105 syllabus with ease. Create charts, write down notes, and study regularly for the 1Z0-105 exam. When you follow a daily routine, completion of the syllabus becomes very easy.

Choose the Reliable Practice Test Over Dumps:

The 1Z0-105 Practice tests are essential when you want to become successful in the exam. Practice makes a man perfect works well in case of exam preparations. The 1Z0-105 practice tests are time-dependent, and when a candidate keeps solving them regularly, they gradually become familiar with taking the real exam. Try to score well in the practice exams, so that you can score a higher mark in the actual exam too.

1Z0-105 dumps are also easily available; it might be cheaper too, but try to skip dumps. You can read from dumps, but dumps don't give you the evaluation power as they are read-only material.

On the other hand, taking 1Z0-105 practice tests points out the syllabus portion; you cannot answer. If you work hard on those topics, you can answer more in the next attempt following the result section. Choose reliable practice exams and boost your confidence gradually.

Benefits of Getting the 1Z0-105 Certification:

  • The 1Z0-105 certification helps a candidate distinguish himself by becoming certified on the only Linux distribution fully designed for Oracle products and running on Oracle's engineered systems. These systems include Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle Exadata Database Machine, and Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine.

  • Oracle Linux is a world-class operating system that offers security and stability with a low cost of ownership. Oracle Linux's Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel provides advanced scalability and reliability, and extreme performance for enterprise applications.

  • Oracle Linux blends Linux's latest innovations with Oracle-specific capabilities such as dynamic tracing and performance optimization with trace and no-downtime patching with Ksplice. It is a cutting-edge platform that can benefit a business.

Final Words:

Certifications are mainly meant to boost our knowledge and they earn us the scope to have a flourishing career. When you earn an OCP level certification, the boost becomes even more. Therefore, study hard and achieve your 1Z0-105 certification.

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