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How Oracle Certification Can Give You Smile With Your Paycheck?

Oracle Certification, Oracle CareerFor candidates at every stage of life, learning is all about refining your present condition and safeguarding your future. Whatsoever background we come from, each of us wants steadiness now and security in the years ahead. More than anything else you control about your life, education is what will make those desires a reality — and in 2015, technology education is just about the best kind you can have. Each idea you study is a brick in the path that leads to educational and practical credentials now, a reliable full-time job in the short term, and comfort and safety down the road.

How Oracle Certification Really Affect Your Paycheck?

Earnings for Oracle Certified Professionals (OCP) raised nearly 7-8% previous year agreeing to the 2016 Annual Salary Survey lately published by Certification Journal.

All Major Oracle certifications levels made the Most Popular list of 75.

Here is how Oracle certifications placed in the yearly review of over 700 certifications by average total salary:

Jorge is sharing his experience on (1Z0-047) Oracle Database SQL Expert certification

“A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish” This is the aphorism that young Jorge who is from California. Most students slip into depression, give up on education or their dreams, but not 24-year-old Jorge who has set an example with his persistent diligence to understand his dreams.

We are glad to hear from Jorge on Oracle Certification

About the Certification Center

Name of Center: Pearson Professional Centers-Fresno CA

Arriving at the Test Center: My test center was a bit far from my residence, so I started early to reach the test center on time. The test center was well equipped. There were five people including me to write an exam. The center was noisy too.

Name of Certification:  1Z0-047: Oracle Database SQL Expert

The format of Certification Exam: I have taken Oracle Database SQL Expert Certification exam with the fees of USD $245. Officially one has to finish exam of 60 questions in 90 minutes, and the passing score is 66%. I don’t find this format difficult because I’m confident about my studies J

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