Oracle 1Z0-580 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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Oracle 1Z0-580 Sample Questions:

01. You have just completed a default Oracle Solaris 11 installation of a new server system. While testing network connectivity from your desktop to the server, you find that you are not able to communicate with the "sendmail" service from your desktop. Why is this?
a) By default, the "sendmail" software is not installed.
b) By default, "sendmail" is not enabled on the system.
c) By default, "sendmail” access is blocked by TCP Wrappers.
d) By default, "sendmail" responds to local requests only.
e) By default, "sendmail" is running on its encrypted port.
02. The command "beadm create –a solaris-test" will _____.
a) create and automatically boot the solaris-test boot environment
b) create and activate the solaris-test boot environment but not reboot
c) create an archive of the solaris-test boot environment
d) will not create a new boot environment without further information
e) will only activate a previously defined boot environment named solaris-test
03. Which two options do you absolutely need to have in place in order to successfully customize the network installation of an Oracle Solaris 11 x86 system?
(Choose two)
a) two Automated Installer manifests, one for x86 systems and another one for SPARC systems
b) an SMF system configuration profile
c) an x86 system running Automated Installer service
d) either a SPARC or an x86 system running Automated Installer service
e) an Oracle Solaris 11 IPS repository hosted in your own data center
04. What are the three properties of a business critical cloud infrastructure?
(Choose three)
a) service isolation
b) flexible, virtual application instances
c) dedicated, single purpose file servers
d) easy, intuitive provisioning, chargeback, and capacity planning
e) rigid, inflexible network design
05. You are working on a system that appears to be hanging during the boot process. Which would be the course of action for determining which step in the boot process is causing the issue?
a) Boot the system into single user mode, run ps -ef to determine processes that are not running.
b) Boot the system into the "none" milestone, enable all services, then run svcs -a to determine the state of your services, as well as check for error messages in / var/svc/log.
c) Boot the system, disable all services using the "svcs disable all" command, reboot and bring up each service individually.
d) Interrupt the boot process before services are started with Stop-A or.
e) Perform an Interactive boot, and disable services as they request startup.
06. Which command can be used to determine which apache web server packages are installed?
a) pkg list apache
b) pkg list *apache*
c) pkg list installed apache
d) pkg list all apache
e) pkg list all web installed
07. A developer wants to use DTrace in a zone to examine the kernel. What are his options?
a) Modify the zone so that he can use DTrace to examine kennel data structures.
b) All that’s required is to assume the "root" role.
c) By using dtrace_proc and dtrace_user privileges he can examine his own code, but not the kernel.
d) By adding ipc_dac_read and ipc_dac_write privileges to the zone.
e) Change the zone's file-mac-profile from strict to none to enable the use of DTrace within the zone.
08. When conducting an automated installation, the name of the resulting root pool is "rpool1." Which is the direct cause of this?
a) The system already has a root pool named "rpool".
b) The manifest declares the name of the root pool to use.
c) "pool1" is the preexisting name of the root pool.
d) "rpool" is a reserved pool name that can only be used for factory-based installations.
e) Of the two disks present for mirroring, the first is named "rpool" and the second is named "pool1".
09. Which two actions are used to permanently configure a new interface?
(Choose two)
a) dladm set-linkprop mtu=1500 net2
b) ipadm create-addr T static a net2/v4static
c) ipadm create-addr a local=2ff0::f3ad/64 T static t net2/v6dhcp
d) ipadm create-ip net2
10. The Oracle Solaris Image Packaging System (IPS) cannot be used to _____.
a) manage local software repositories
b) create new software repositories
c) create new Oracle Solaris 11 boot environments
d) restore an installed file to its original content
e) manage permissions of installed software


Question: 01

Answer: d

Question: 02

Answer: b

Question: 03

Answer: b, d

Question: 04

Answer: a, b, d

Question: 05

Answer: b

Question: 06

Answer: a

Question: 07

Answer: c

Question: 08

Answer: a

Question: 09

Answer: b, d

Question: 10

Answer: e

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