Oracle 1Z0-116 Certification Exam Syllabus

1Z0-116 Syllabus, 1Z0-116 Latest Dumps PDF, Oracle Database Security Administration Dumps, 1Z0-116 Free Download PDF Dumps, Database Security Administration DumpsYou can use this Oracle 1Z0-116 exam study guide to collect all the information about the Oracle Database Security Administration exam. The Oracle 1Z0-116 certification exam is mainly targeted to those candidates who have some experience or exposure to Oracle Database Security technology and want to flourish their career with Oracle Certified Professional Oracle Database Security Expert credential.

The Oracle 1Z0-116 certification exam validates your understanding of the Oracle Database Security technology and sets the stage for your future progression. Your preparation plan for Oracle Database Security Administration Certification exam should include hands-on practice or on-the-job experience performing the tasks described in following certification exam syllabus topics.

Oracle 1Z0-116 Exam Details:

Exam Name Oracle Database Security Administration
Exam Code 1Z0-116
Exam Price USD $245 (Pricing may vary by country or by localized currency)
Duration 120 minutes
Number of Questions 72
Passing Score 59%
Format Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Recommended Training Earn the Oracle Database Security Expert Credential
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Sample Questions Oracle Certified Professional Oracle Database Security Expert
Recommended Practice 1Z0-116 Online Practice Exam

Oracle 1Z0-116 Syllabus Topics:

Overview - Assess security needs (risk reduction, regulatory compliance)
- Assess the typical attack points for a database
- Deploy the Maximum Security Architecture
Manage Database Users - Administer OS Authentication
- Administer Kerberos Authentication
- Administer PKI Certificate Authentication
- Administer Enterprise User Security
- Administer Centrally Managed Users
- Identify Inactive accounts
Manage and Secure passwords - Secure Passwords in scripts and applications
- Change a user's password securely
- Administer a secure external password store to secure passwords
- Administer the Database Password File
- Control the use of a password file
Configure and Use Contexts - Understand and use USERENV variables
- Understand and Use Client Identifiers
- Extend Unified Auditing with Context information
- Use context information with Secure Application Roles
Manage Authorization - Administer System and Object Privileges
- Assign Administrative Privileges
- Configure Secure Application Roles
- Configure Global Roles (EUS/CMU)
- Perform Privilege Analysis
Configure Fine Grained Access Control - Configure Fine Grained Access Control (FGAC)
- Configure FGAC with Real Application Security
- Configure FGAC withVirtual Private Database
- Configure FGAC with Oracle Label Security
Configure and Manage Database Vault - Describe the Default Separation of Duties with Database Vault
- Configure Database Vault Factors, Rules, and Rule Sets
- Configure Database Vault Mandatory and non-Mandatory Realms
- Configure Database Vault Command Rules
- Configure Realms, Command Rules, and Application Context to enforce trusted path access
- Perform Database Vault Operations Control
Configure and Use Auditing - Perform Privileged User Audit
- Configure Standard Audit
- Configure Fine Grained Auditing
- Configure and use Unified Audit
Configure Network Security - Assess the need for Network access control (ACL)
- Manage Network ACLs in relation to microservice deployments
- Configure ACLs to access passwords in a wallet
- Configure Network Service Profiles
- Configure and use Listener Valid-Node Checking
- Enhance Database Communication Security with SEC_ parameters
Configure and Implement Encryption - Encrypt data in motion
- Configure Native Network Encryption
- Configure TLS Encryption
- Encrypt data at rest with Transparent Database Encryption
- Configure Column level and Tablespace level Encryption
- Encrypt the Data Dictionary
- Migrate unencrypted to encrypted data
- Manage Encryption Keys
- Administer and use the SYSKM Administrative Privilege
- Administer Encryption Wallets
Implement Data Masking and Data Redaction - Implement Data Redaction
- Implement Enterprise Manager Data Masking Pack
- Configure and use the Application Data Model
- Perform Sensitive Data Discovery
- Deploy Data Masking Formats
- Compare In-Database -vs- At-Source execution
- Automate Masking operations with EMCLI
- Configure Transparent Sensitive Data Protection (TSDP)
Invoke the Database Security Assessment Tool - Run the Database Security Assessment Tool
Patch Databases - Assess the need for of a CVE
- Decode CVSS Risk Scoring
Manage Database Security in the Cloud - Asssess the Shared Responsibility Model
- Manage hybrid cloud scenarios
- Assess Autonomous Database Self Securing

The Oracle Database Security Administration Certification Program certifies candidates on skills and knowledge related to Oracle Database Security products and technologies. The Oracle 1Z0-116 is granted based on a combination of passing exams, training, and performance-based assignments, depending on the level of certification. Oracle Database Security Administration certification is a real benchmark of experience and expertise that helps you stand out in a crowd among employers. To ensure success, Oracle recommends combining education courses, practice exams, and hands-on experience to prepare for your Oracle Certified Professional Oracle Database Security Expert certification exam as questions will test your ability to apply the knowledge you have gained in hands-on practice or professional experience.

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