Your Guide to Oracle Cloud Certifications

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Cloud technology is the trend and is expanding rapidly. Since cloud technology includes several networks within a network and the sharing of resources, there is a requirement for technical persons who are persistent in dealing with the various tasks concerned with the development and application of the cloud technology. Oracle Cloud Certifications are created to impart, train, and confirm your skills in cloud technology to make you receive an acknowledgment as a proficient cloud technologist.

What is Oracle Cloud Certification Path?

As far as Oracle Cloud is concerned, you have many paths, and certifications are available for the different tracks. The tracks include:

IaaS: It deals with Cloud Infrastructure, and you have two certifications to pass two certification exams under this category.

PaaS: This category involves various fields and various certifications to receive under the category as well. In general, the areas involve Application development: business analytics, management, data management, content, experience, and integration.

SaaS-CX: This category includes the fields marketing cloud, sales cloud, social cloud, service cloud, configure, price, and quote cloud as well as certifications within it.

SaaS-EPM: This deals with the Enterprise performance management cloud, financial consolidation, cost and profitability management cloud, and close cloud and enterprise planning and budgeting cloud and certifications based thereon.

SaaS-ERP: This covers risk management cloud, Financials cloud, project portfolio management, and procurement cloud.

SaaS-HCM: The certifications under this category deal with the human resources, and it comprise Human Resources, Reward cloud, and Talent management cloud.

SaaS-SCM: This focuses on inventory management, lifecycle management, procurement, logistics, manufacturing, supply chain planning, and order management.

Why is Oracle Cloud Certifications So Popular?

The Oracle Cloud certifications are prevalent because Oracle University provides it through their approved education centers, which mean quality training and worthy certifications. Since you have certifications to acquire in whichever stage in the career ladder, you might be in to take a step ahead, and it is in demand.

Why You Should Earn Oracle Cloud Certification?

If you think you are already settled in a good job, and there is no need for you to achieve the certifications, you need to think again. The technological growth is happening at a rapid speed, and you have the latest technology that is being tested and put into practice every day. It is necessary for you to stay updated and the certifications that will require training in some cases and exams as in others is the best way to update yourself and to make the management perceive that you are proficient and qualified. Apart from that, it has been confirmed that more than 80% of the professionals who earned an Oracle Cloud Certification have been capable of achieving an increase in salary, a career improvement, or promotion.

How to Become Oracle Cloud Certified?

As an applicant who desires to get certification in Oracle Certification Exams technology, you must follow these easy steps that will help you achieve the certification you dreamt of for your career progression.

Step-1: Choose the certification you want to achieve based upon the technology and the field that interests a person. If you are not sure about which certification you should take, you should contact the Oracle training and certification representative.

Step-2: Prepare for the exams. If the certification demands training, attend the training sessions.

Step-3: Register for your Exam.

Step-4: On successful completion of the certification exam, earn the Oracle certification badge that will be a great career accelerator.

How to Prepare for the Oracle Cloud Certification Exam?

You have to prepare for the exam learning from the study guide and performs practice tests. You now have the option to make an online learning subscription for lessons in the diverse fields of cloud technology.

How to Take Up the Exams?

You can register for the exam at It requires finding the test center, in which you see an on-base test center, decide the Oracle Cloud certification exam you wish to take and apply for the same.

Tips to Pass Oracle Cloud Certification Exams

  • Individual applicants should take practice tests.

  • You can study from online videos for specific exams, particularly for OCI.

  • Certification courses related to cloud technology should be taken.

  • You could go through the documents at for understanding and revising the technical perspectives.

  • You may opt for online learning subscriptions to perceive the concepts better.

  • You can take up Oracle training courses.

Benefits of Oracle Cloud Certifications

  • You will gain sufficient knowledge and skills so that you will be qualified to excel in the ever-changing technology world. With the expertise you obtain by opting for these certifications, you will do great at your job and will become one of the most esteemed employees.

  • Oracle is a globally acknowledged organization, and becoming Oracle certified indicated that you would also get recognized globally. The certification is valid across the world and will help you to get a new job and much more.

  • It is observed that the people who own Oracle Certificates have a 7% salary hike than the non certified professionals.

  • You will receive a higher salary in any job you apply for. So, if the growth by way of wages is your purpose, then these certifications are the best for you.

  • If you have the skills of managing and dealing with Oracle Cloud Platform, you will require proof so that the world can know your abilities. These Oracle Cloud Certificates are the best way to explain the employers that you are the best choice for their organization, and you can be one of the employees that can bring in profits to the company or organization.

  • You will also get many job opportunities that can help you in establishing a much better career in this field.


No doubt preparing for the Oracle Cloud certification exams will lead to a better understanding of the theories and the technical aspects of the cloud technology, arming you to become a better administrator and a competent adopter of the technology. You will be acknowledged for your skill, not only at your workplace but also globally, for Oracle is a well- known and reliable name globally. It is undoubtedly the best way to advance your knowledge in the field of technology that is rapidly growing. You not only benefit financially after the certification, but you would also be knowledge rich and skill rich in the area you have decided.

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