Oracle Java SE 8 Certification FAQs

Let us share the most commonly asked questions and answers about Java SE 8 certification by the candidates from all over the glob.

1) For the Java SE 8 Certifications, why is Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) now a prerequisite for Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)?

Skills learned while preparing for an Oracle Certified Associate are critical fundamental skills, providing a strong foundation. The Oracle Certified Associate is a prerequisite certification for those pursuing a more advanced level, Oracle Certified Professional. This level measures a deeper more specific possession of skill, proving enhanced abilities and knowledge in the industry.

2) How different are the Java SE 8 certifications compared to the Java SE 7 certifications?

Java SE 8 contains several long-awaited new features such as 'Date and Time API' and 'Lambda expressions'. Since Java Language Specification has been updated for these new features, the experienced Java developers also need to learn the new style of coding. Oracle University supports the Java Developer’s further success by this Certification Program that will prove the skill of Java SE 8 (OCAJP).

3) I have been working as a Java Developer for years. Why should I get Java Certified?

You are a perfect candidate to get Java certified. Your experience together with certification is a valuable combination. You are demonstrating commitment and motivation to keeping your skills current which leads to more opportunities in your professional career. You are recognized and verify to management that you are effectively validating your skills.

4) Do I need to buy training classes from Oracle University in order to earn my Java certification?

Training is not currently a requirement for the OCA, OCP or OCE level Java certifications. Training is only a requirement for the Oracle Certified Master level certifications, which includes the OCM, Java SE Developer and Java Enterprise Architect certifications. Master certifications are the most advanced credentials so we require training to help prepare candidates for the hands on nature of the exam and to ensure candidates have an in-depth expertise of the technology area.

5) I am a Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP). Does that make me an OCPJP now?

When you passed your exam, you achieved a “Sun Certified Java Programmer” certification. It's still completely valid and is the equivalent of the Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer certification, but your credential is still Sun branded. If you're interested in getting an Oracle Certified credential, you can upgrade your certification to the latest version. You can also select another Oracle certification in Java to pursue.

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