Oracle 1Z0-1104-22 Exam: Perfect Tips to Attain High Score

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Oracle offers many hardware and software solutions designed to simplify and empower IT. Perhaps best understood for its premier database software, the company also delivers cloud solutions, servers, engineered systems, storage, and more.

Oracle is a company that provides interested individuals with different products that can make their lives easier. It has Oracle Cloud applications, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, AI-driven analytics, and more. Adoption and improvement are critical components for this organization, so it continuously improves its certification program to bring IT Specialists the opportunity to grow their careers and become relevant to the industry.

The Oracle Cloud Security provides secure access and monitoring of your hybrid cloud environment and addresses all your IT governance and compliance needs. Oracle delivers an Identity SOC providing actionable intelligence and bi-directional control through a diverse offering of SIEM, UEBA, CASB, and IDaaS.

There are also some new options in the Oracle certification program that can help boost your IT career.

1Z0-1104-22 Exam: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Security Professional

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Security Professional (1Z0-1104-22) exam is for security professionals, primarily improvised and designed for their careers. Candidates must know or have prior experience with cloud solutions and how to implement them well. A passing certificate on this exam will validate your knowledge and understanding of the Oracle Cloud Security portfolio and your ability to configure its services.

This is a new path intended for those professionals responsible for security in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environments. The target candidates should have more than two years of experience designing and implementing security solutions. Besides, they need to keep six or more months of hands-on experience securing workloads on OCI. The 1Z0-1104-22 exam validates different OCI Security topics and contains 55 multiple-choice questions. To deal with all the items, you will be given 90 minutes.

Tips on How to Pass the Oracle 1Z0-1104-22 Exam

Here is a roadmap and top tips to help you crack the Oracle 1Z0-1104-22 exam on the first attempt:

1. Have a Timetable

The curriculum operates as a roadmap for your preparation. Before you can sit down and study, you need to clearly explain your goals and plan how you will achieve them. If you do not have a clear local road, it is effortless to get lost while preparing without understanding where you are going.

Remember, though, that having a plan does not automatically guarantee that you will pass the test. It would be best if you also attached to it; that is difficult for people. So, set a good study plan and follow it closely if you want to stand out from the crowd and pass your Oracle 1Z0-1104-22 test easily on your first attempt.

2. Checkout the 1Z0-1104-22 Exam Content Outline

1Z0-1104-22 exam content outline document is very informative and credible for reference. Thus, it is required to go through the document to do well in the exam. It has a breakup of questions as per the syllabus. It allows you to become familiar with the subject matter for study purposes.

3. Solve Mock Tests before Going for the 1Z0-1104-22 Exam

To judge the readiness to take the 1Z0-1104-22 exam, it is advised to take the mock test as it indicates the willingness for the actual exam. After taking the 1Z0-1104-22 exam, you can review the results of it and take corrective action on a read that needs improvement. Also, it is required to take full-length mock tests as it helps you to overcome the difficult task and stressful experience of taking the exam.

4. Form a Study Group

It is also necessary to form a study group as it helps one to break the monotony of studying alone. It allows you to get assistance on the areas you find challenging to understand by asking for a solution from group members and supporting someone. As a result, your confidence also grows. It allows you to stay motivated and not lose interest in the subject. Thus it will enable you to study regularly and study smartly.


The Oracle 1Z0-1104-22 certification exam is a tough nut to crack, but with the proper preparation, it is achievable. Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of the exam and how to prepare for it.

Best of luck.

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