How Can Java Certification and Training Boost Your Career?

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Move your career a step ahead with Java programmer certification by Oracle. It will certainly enhance your potential and give your professional career a much-required boost. Whether or not for job prospects, candidates who desire to rise in their career, should know about Java, especially those who are switching from a different language. Java certification gives an edge to beginners for sure. 

The fact is that when you are thinking here whether to get Java certification or not, there are already 30,000 Java developers who decided to get certified on Java, every year. The number is already on the rise. For one who is confused whether to take Java certification or not, there is an example. If an employer has two options, one candidate is Java certified, and other is not, then the company will most probably make a choice of the former. 

The Rising Demand of Java

Java developers have come a long way. They use their skills and knowledge acquired through Java certification to get more job prospects and indeed, earn an excellent pay package. They are some of the most respected employees in their organizations. You might not be aware of the fact that there are more than 3 billion devices in the world that are running Java. Such persuades the top companies in the world to chase the best Java programmers in the field for maintaining the critical applications. The fact is that Java remains the top development platform and most preferred language for enterprise development. As many as 97% of desktops in the world run on Java. This ensures that Java programmers will always remain in demand. However, companies look for well-trained and highly skilled Java developers. 

How Java certification helps

Java certification adds tons of value to the career graph of the professionals. It helps intensify the knowledge and even broaden the skills by exposing the candidate to some critical features, tasks and functions as well. When a person prepares for Java certification, he or she needs to learn many things through practical exercises. One needs to work on real Java code. This is very much required for expanding the capabilities of a candidate desiring to become a recognized Java developer. With exposure to scenario-based questions, the certification exams boost the thinking ability of the candidate, making the person versatile and skilled. This certainly helps in job security and even increases the prospects. 

Get an edge with Java Certification

If you want to be the apple of the eyes of the position companies, you need to have the edge over others. And Java Certification is one of the things that will help you differentiate yourself from others. Java certification is one of the most recognized credentials in the industry. It works in favour of the candidate when it comes to job, career, and profession. Applicants should complete Oracle certification to increase their value in the organization or for the employer. 

Reasons you should be Java certified

  • Preference in Job Market

When you stand there facing the recruiters, you need to stand tall. This happens only when you are armed with certifications. Many government organizations give more value to candidates with Java certification than non-certified. This holds true for many consultancy companies as well. Java certification might not be compulsory, but it does help in attracting the eyeballs in a crowd. 

  • Better earning prospects

This is not a norm, but a trend that has been noticed in the past few years. Java certified professionals are getting better pay packages, most of the times, in comparison to their counterparts who are not certified with Java. This might be because companies think that hiring and valuing Java professionals saves time and cost on training.

  • Recognized Certification in the industry

Oracle is quite well known for offering a comprehensive certification path for Java, right from an Associate level to that of Mast level. Hence, candidates who have just begun learning the language can get a better hold on Java by getting certified. This stands true even for those who have years of experience but no Java certification. It helps in making you stand out in the crowd. Above all, Java is designed to match the roles and functions that are prevalent in the companies at present. Hence, it is quite beneficial for the candidate. 

  • Up your confidence

When you are confident, you can achieve anything and everything in your profession. With Java certification, the candidate gets a boost in his or her trust, which is must required in the competitive world at present. One gets to know Java better with the certification course. This matters during the interview as you can discuss and go in-depth while being questioned. You can easily get an upper-hand in the interview when being asked tricky questions based on fact. Further, when you have cleared the interview, you can even demand better salary and negotiate on your terms,

  • Make your resume stand out

There are thousands of resume on the desk of the recruiter. You need to have skills and certificates that make you select for the first call. Java certification is one thing that looks very well on the resume. Even those candidates who are low on academic performance and extra-curricular skills shine through with Java. It helps fill the required gaps in the resume. 

  • Empower yourself with knowledge

Java certification helps candidates prepare themselves for an exam. Further, it transforms an average programmer into a skilled professional. While preparing for the certification exam, the candidates get to learn so many things about programming that were earlier unknown to him. It also helps revise the skills that one already has. 

  • Upgrade your skill set

Java keeps on changing with time. Many new features are added while the present ones get upgraded. Candidates need to improve their skill-set and knowledge regarding Java on a continual basis. One needs to follow the best practices to move to the next level. Every level of Java offers something new to learn and adopt in the routine working. 

  • Last but not the least

Java certification helps a candidate get an upper-hand in many walks of the professional career. Java certified professionals easily rise in their career and make a valuable contribution to teams. Nowadays, even employers encourage their employees to go for Java certification training and even sponsor it if required. Because Java certification matters. It is a star that is valued all across the world. There is no way that the shine of this star will die down. 

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