Explore the OCA & OCP Level Java Certifications for Maximum Career Benefits

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Are Oracle Java Certifications great career boosters? Learn more about some of the important Java certifications and career benefits associated with them.

Why Should You Get the Java Certification?

  • Industry certifications have helped software developers to improve their skills and knowledge over the past few years. These certifications helped the aspirant stand out in the crowd and gave employers a good measure of the skill level of candidates.

  • Oracle also offers certification for one of its most emblematic products: the Java programming language, like other technology vendors. The Oracle Java certifications validate the programmer’s skills and knowledge regarding the Java Programming language. When a candidate becomes certified, Oracle confirms that the aspirant possesses a base set of knowledge and skills that helps him to develop software using Java.

  • The Java certifications are a good benchmark of knowledge and expertise. What could be the better path to prove your skills, by getting validated by the Java creator company itself?

Levels of Java Certifications:

The Oracle Java Certifications are available in two categories.

OCA Level Certification:

OCA or the Oracle Certified Associate is the entry-level certification for Java programmers. It helps the aspirant build a foundational understanding of the language while expanding his general programming skills. The candidate will learn (or reinforce) the basics of the language (data types, variables, arrays, loops, classes, methods, exceptions). He would also learn some not-so-basic topics like nested classes, polymorphism and inheritance, implicit narrowing, explicit casting, autoboxing, abstract classes and interfaces, and some specific APIs to deal with collections, calendar objects, and strings.

OCP Level Certification:

  • OCP or the Oracle Certified Professional certification builds upon the fundamental OCA skills and shows a high level of knowledge and skills. The certifications deal with more advanced topics like design patterns, generics, JDBC, threads, and concurrency. A candidate can get the OCA certification with little or no previous Java work experience, but getting the OCP certification needs some hands-on experience.

  • By earning the OCP level Oracle Java certification, a candidate is going to improve and update his knowledge regarding the Java language, and it will also help distinguish him from other programmers who don’t have the certification.

  • So whether you’re an experienced Java programmer or a fresher or you are a beginner for your first job as a programmer, the Java Programmer certification will positively boost your career.

What Are the Perks of Getting the Java Certification?

Chances of Higher Pay with Java Certifications:

Usually, aspirants with an ex-ordinary skill set are more eligible to get higher pay in a working place. Certified persons can earn more income than their non-certified peers. So if you have got your Oracle Java certification of OCA or OCP level, there is no need to ask for a raise or a good salary.

Learn More Concepts through Practical Training:

The Java Training programs help a candidate successfully complete the certification and help him become a good java developer in the IT world. Joining the Java certification training will teach the aspirant about new concepts in the Java world, and you will learn more knowledge to contribute to the current world of JAVA.

Stay Ahead than Non-Certified Peers:

If the aspirant is seeking a new job in the IT market, a Java certification widely helps him stand out from the unemployed crowd. Many surveys proved that IT training certification adds tremendous high values to validate a candidate's knowledge and proficiency. Many leading IT organizations look for JAVA-certified professionals, which help the certified stay ahead in interviews.

Getting the Java Certifications Is Difficult but Worth Learning:

Today's IT market offers many career opportunities for Java-certified and experienced candidates. Java is considered as the most difficult certification in IT, but once you are Java certified, you will be considered by leading IT professionals.

Build Up Your Confidence with Java Certifications:

Even if you are sure about your intelligence, getting the Java certifications on the resume is the best source to prove your talent to the real world, as the certification adds value to your resume. Therefore, the JAVA certification badge acts as a confidence builder.

Let's Learn about Some of the Important Java Certifications:

1Z0-808 or the Java SE Programmer I Certification:

The 1Z0-808, Java SE 8 Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) certification helps you build the foundational knowledge of Java. Having the 1Z0-808 certification is the first of two steps to demonstrate the high-level skills needed to become a professional Java developer.

1Z0-809 or the Java SE Programmer II Certification:

Candidates who hold the 1Z0-809 certification prove their proficiency in Java (Standard Edition) software development, which is recognized by a wide range of worldwide industries. The aspirants also possess a thorough and broad knowledge of the Java programming language, coding practices, and utilization of new features blended into Java SE 11.

By passing the 1Z0-809 exam, a certified candidate proves tremendous fluency in Java SE and acquisition of the valuable professional skills that aid in becoming a Java software developer. The skills include:

  • A deep understanding of object orientation.

  • Functional programming through lambda expressions and streams.

  • Modularity.

1Z0-900 or the Java EE 7 Application Developer:

The Oracle Java EE 7 Application Developer exam proves the candidate's programming capabilities to develop and deploy applications using Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7. The certification is targeted to intermediate to advanced level Java Front-End and Back-end application developers, architects, and software engineers who possess expertise in using Java EE 7 technology to create web-based user interfaces using JavaScript and JSPs, JSFs, and servlets and handle business logic. To earn the certification, up-to-date training and hands-on programming experience, and previous Java SE certification are recommended.

1Z0-819 or the Java SE 11 Developer Certification:

Candidates with the 1Z0-819 certification prove their proficiency in Java (Standard Edition) software development recognized by a wide range of worldwide industries. They also exhibit thorough and broad knowledge of the Java programming language, coding practices, and applying new features incorporated into the Java SE 11 edition.

Concluding Thoughts:

  • The benefit of Java Certification is that an individual becomes better equipped to do his job well and thereby becomes more productive for the employer and organization. 

  • While studying for Java certification, the aspirant learns vital techniques that he has not used before. 

  • Java certified means your confidence is boosted and that confidence translates into better career prospects. The Java Certification process offers a structured methodology to acquire useful skills, which is what employers want for the maximum benefit of their organizations. Therefore, choose your Java certification wisely and speed up your career.

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