Become Database Administrator with Oracle Database Certifications

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Oracle is an extremely acknowledged corporation which presents various hardware and software solutions designed to facilitate and advance the IT industry. Principally distinguished for its database software, Oracle also provides solutions along Engineered Systems, Servers, Cloud and Storage. There are also many professional certifications offered along these tracks.

What is Oracle Database Certification?

The Oracle Database certification is specifically designed for professionals who work with Oracle databases. In this field, Oracle certifications are prevalent and desired in the IT industry. Oracle Database certifications are offered at various certification levels. The foremost categories are:

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) – Oracle Database 12c Administrator

With this certification, an individual can be part of a database management unit as a member or an application developer. This jobs demands the applicant to pass one of these SQL exams:

  • Oracle Database 12c SQL fundamentals (1Z0-061)

  • Oracle Database SQL expert (1Z0-071)

The associate certification proves the skills and the expertise to formulating, maintaining, retrieving and updating data in a database. MySQL programming skills and adequate knowledge of the relational database is essential as they are the fundamental concepts questioned in the exams. Principally, it proves competency in the every day operational management database works of the associates.

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) – Oracle Database 12c Administrator

Oracle Professional Certification confirms skills in extensive Database Management as well as the application of large-scale database. The perfect applicants for this certification level must own OCA certification. Additionally, they are expected to pass the Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Administration (1Z0-063) exam. After earning this certification, the individual calls to submit a certification completion form to be an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP).

Alternatively, the professionals who already own Oracle Database 12c Administrator or Oracle Database 11g Administrator certification can promote to Oracle Database 12cR2 Administration Certified Professional certification.

This certification level confirms the skills in maintenance, installation, fine-tuning, and troubleshooting of Oracle databases.

Oracle Certified Master (OCM) - Oracle Database 12c Administrator

Oracle Master Certification is the most in-demand database certification. It needs one to have 3-4 years’ experience of professional enterprise-level. An applicant must complete two advanced certifications from a list of 21 offered certifications. There is the chance of these certifications concurring with those at the OCP level. However, those taken at that level may not be applied to prove one for the master certification. As in the professional level stated above, one should submit a completed certification form and pass an Oracle Master Certification exam. 

How to Prepare for Oracle Certifications?

For all these certifications, it is compulsory for individuals to attend instructor-led training and present evidence of that. Oracle testing centers are available all across the globe. However, numerous third-party certified institutions present the Oracle Database Certifications. It is essential to review updated information on certifications and analyses on the official Oracle website.

Comprehensive exam preparations are also available online varying from hands-on instructor-led training, virtual courses, practice tests to exam preparation webinars. These materials are customized to fulfill the current industry norms.

Benefits of Oracle Database Certifications

To start with, Oracle as an IT corporation has its main focus on high-end and world-class solutions. Many organizations include Oracle products into activities that are important to their businesses. This is because products presented by Oracle boast excellent performance and give highly scalable tools for small to high-end organizations. Organizations remunerate Oracle Database Certified Individuals highly as compared to their Relational Database Management System Professionals.

Besides, certification creates a market for an individual’s skills. Taking into consideration that a software solution is vital to an organization, it would hire a professional who can increase value and implement the best solution.

Oracle Database certifications are accepted globally. This means that one obtain an advantage at gaining work experience in any part of the world as a database administrator. No organization in the world will ever question your certification because Oracle services are renowned all across the globe.

  • Individuals may relish the Oracle Database certification in the following situations:

  • When they are beginning a career as a database administrator.

  • When they have limited or no hands-on product experience.

  • When they are considering switching their jobs.

Oracle Database certification also opens doors for career advancements opportunities especially when one will be re-entering the formal employment field after a long time.

Oracle Database certification confirms to employers that an individual is interested in advancing their learning and skills in the rapidly growing and evolving industry. The certification presented from this leading IT vendor is always based on the latest industry trends.

Along with the professional benefits, Oracle gives successful applicants with a digital badge which can be displayed on their Social Media Profiles. The certification increases value to the resume and will make an individual stand out from the crowd.

Job Opportunities

  • Application programmers

  • Database Administrator

  • Database Architect Engineer


Oracle Database certifications validate one as a highly skilled database professional who can implement solutions to critical systems. Oracle is a brand to keep in mind because it has the most significant share of the relational database in the job market. Oracle database skills will always be helpful to IT professionals.

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