1Z0-931-21: Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Specialist| Practice Test to Become Certified

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Are you willing to crack the 1Z0-931-21 exam and make a career? The study guide and practice test would take you there soon.

Learn about the 1Z0-931-21 Certification:

The 1Z0-931-21 exam leads you to become an Oracle Specialist. If you become a 1Z0-931-21, Oracle Autonomous Database 2021 Specialist, you can demonstrate your knowledge to provision, monitor, manage, and migrate workloads to Autonomous Database, both on dedicated and shared Exadata infrastructure.

After earning the 1Z0-931-21 certification, candidates understand and use the workflows, features, and architecture of an Autonomous Database successfully. They learn to use Autonomous Database Tools to develop an Autonomous Database after the certification.

What Qualifications Could be Helpful to Earn the 1Z0-931-21 Certification?

To take the 1Z0-931-21 exam, a candidate needs to have up-to-date training and practical experience or practice in Autonomous Database.

Who Should Take the 1Z0-931-21 exam?

The 1Z0-931-21 certification is suitable for all candidates. These candidates include on-premise DBAs, consultants, and Cloud data management professionals. But, as a specialist level exam, your prior knowledge in the related field would help you a lot.

What Topics Are Covered under the 1Z0-931-21 Exam?

The 1Z0-931-21 exam covers the following topics-

  • Migrating to Autonomous Database

  • Developing on Autonomous Database

  • Autonomous Database Tools

  • Autonomous Database Technical Overview

  • Managing and Maintaining Autonomous Database

  • Autonomous Database Dedicated & Autonomous Database Cloud @ Customer

  • Autonomous Database (ADB) Shared

What Should be Your Strategy to Pass the 1Z0-931-21 Exam?

How Could Make the 1Z0-931-21 Syllabus Covering Easy?

Covering the syllabus within a limited time is the challenge. But you can make it easier if you have proper planning from the beginning. Make your study plan enjoyable by making a chart and highlighting the syllabus topics with different colors. Mention the daily topics in your study chart and put the chart in a place where you can easily access them. Make your study plan interesting by using different colors for the topics prepared and those that need more review. Make the chart in a manner that you can track your progress from the chart itself.

Utilize Well the 1Z0-931-21 Schedule You Create:

A study schedule is helpful to make you habituated with the study plan. Studying would become more productive if you take the preparation schedule as seriously as your other daily tasks. Memorization is a special factor in IT exam preparation. You need to cover the full syllabus during your 90 minutes long exam. A candidate needs to face 60 questions and should get a 65% mark to pass the exam.

Join the 1Z0-931-21 Training for Maximum Benefits:

Oracle recommends having training and hands-on lab experience for passing the 1Z0-931-21 exam with ease. A candidate should join one of the following training to level up his knowledge-

  • Oracle Data Management Cloud Services Learning Subscription

  • Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2021 Certified Specialist

Practice Tests Would Give a Huge Confidence Boost:

Online 1Z0-931-21 practice tests are essential to boost your confidence level up. The 1Z0-931-21 practice tests are designed in such a manner that, you get the experience of taking the real exam, every time you practice on it. Scoring low during your initial exam attempts could be quite challenging. But, don't worry about the score, understand the evaluation process and, learn time management and take the evaluation process seriously. Get important insights into your preparation from the result section and work more on the areas you lack.

What Is Data Management all about?

Data management is the habit of collecting, keeping, and using data securely, cost-effectively, and efficiently. The target of any data management solution is to help organizations, people, and connected things have the use of data within the terms of regulation and policy. The process helps to make decisions and take actions that improve the benefit of the organization. There is a need for a complete data management method as organizations have started relying on intangible assets to create value rapidly.

Some Benefits of Having the 1Z0-931-21 Exam:

Earning the 1Z0-931-21 certification, allows a candidate to use Oracle Data Management and have the following benefits-

  • A formal data management method works on the activity of users and administrators, the scopes of data management techniques, the demands of the regulatory method, and the organization's needs to obtain value from its data.

  • Oracle Data Management helps to create, obtain, and update data across a diverse data section.

  • Data management helps store data across multiple premises and clouds.

  • The solution offers high availability and disaster recovery processes.

  • Use the data in a growing variety of analytics, apps, and algorithms.

  • Ensure data privacy and security with your data. Archive and destroy data in accordance with retention schedules and compliance needs.

Concluding Thoughts:

There are multiple OCS-level certifications, and they offer multiple benefits to a candidate. But grabbing the 1Z0-931-21 exam helps you deal with the Oracle Data Management cloud and use it for the benefit of your organization.

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