1Z0-819 Java SE 11 Developer| Should You Take Practice Test to Ace It?

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The 1Z0-819 certification could be your career choice if you are a Java certification student, Java professional student, Java programmer, or Java developer. Discover the best study plan to ace the exam swiftly.

What Is Validated through Your 1Z0-819 Certification?

By acing the 1Z0-819 exam, an Oracle Certified Professional - Java SE 11 Developer (OCP) individual proves his fluency in Java SE and acquisition of the skills required to be a Java software developer.

Candidates holding the 1Z0-819 certification demonstrate proficiency in Java (Standard Edition) software development validated by a wide range of worldwide industries. The candidates also prove that they have a comprehensive and broad knowledge of the Java programming language, coding practices, and utilization of new features incorporated into Java SE 11.

What Are the 1Z0-819 Syllabus Domains?

A candidate needs to learn about the following topics-

  • Annotations

  • Localization

  • Database Applications with JDBC

  • Secure Coding in Java SE Application

  • Java I/O API

  • Concurrency

  • Java Platform Module System

  • Working with Streams and Lambda expressions

  • Working with Arrays and Collections

  • Exception Handling 

  • Java Object-Oriented Approach

  • Controlling Program Flow

  • Working with Java data types

Why Should You Opt for the 1Z0-819 Certification?

Becoming a Java SE 11 Developer is easy now. If you have prepared for the 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 exams, you can take the 1Z0-819 exam smoothly. If you are new to take the exam you can still take the JAVA SE Developer exam easily. The syllabus is a combination of the early mentioned exam and now you need to take only one exam.

How Should You Prepare for the 1Z0-819 Exam?

Books Are Always the Best Source to Study:

What materials or books are helpful for the exam preparation? Suppose you are an individual with some programming experience. In that case, it is better to use the OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Programmer II Study Guide for the 1Z0–816 and Exam 1Z0–817 from Scott Selikoff, Jeanne Boyarsky. The book is helpful to cover most of the 1Z0-819 topics. A candidate must cover the 1Z0-819 syllabus topics to answer the 50 questions asked in the exam. What should be your strategy to cover the syllabus? You must highlight the 1Z0-819 lengthy topics and keep more time to cover those topics. Your target should be to cover at least two-three topics every day. But if you need more time and can cover only one topic on some days, do not worry. The most important thing is to study daily to maintain the flow of your preparation.

Don't Study for Long Hours:

It is always great to study for 2-3 hours daily and cover the syllabus topics at ease. You must be devoted to your schedule, but don't forget to take a break when you are tired. Getting some fresh air would help you grasp the topics faster. Try to make short notes during study revise the topics fast.

Take Ample Time to Take the 1Z0-819 Exam:

There must be a healthy gap of at least two months to take the 1Z0-819 exam. You must be a java user with some experience, but don't forget that the 1Z0-819 exam is an OCP level exam, and it needs preparation. So, take your time and get ready.

Oracle 1Z0-819 Training Is Irreplaceable:

Oracle training is always helpful to make you prepare well for the exam. You get a chance to learn from the experts and get your doubts cleared from them. So, if you are taking coaching or self-studying, joining the training changes your exam preparation scenario.

Should You Take 1Z0-819 Practice Test?

Yes, practicing plays a vital role in passing the 1Z0-819 exam. Learning the topics and not checking your recollection power leads you to challenges during the actual exam. Every candidate should cover the syllabus topics and prepare to solve the questions through 1Z0-819 practice tests. You might be a fan of dumps, but you won't be able to assess yourself through dumps. So focus more on practicing and learn about your positive and negative preparation areas. Discover how much time you should spend on each topic, and try to complete the exam within time. You might feel some questions to be hard, shift your focus to learning those areas. Gradually boost your 1Z0-819 exam acing quality with practice tests.

Bottom Line:

Whenever we study something or prepare for an exam, it is quite natural that we think about the result. Once you start preparing for the 1Z0-819 exam, you might feel tired, but keep yourself motivated by thinking about the OCP certification and its benefits like great career opportunities and higher salary. Both will fuel your preparation till the last day.

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