1Z0-520: Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1 Purchasing Essentials Exam| Can You Rely on Practice Tests?

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Success comes to those who choose the right material. Therefore, explore the reliable 1Z0-520 practice test, and move one step ahead for an OCS career.

Details of the 1Z0-520 Certification:

The 1Z0-520 exam is a two-section-based exam, and each of the sections needs a candidate to score a 60% mark to pass the exam. The exam asks a total 80 number of questions for both E-business Essentials and Oracle Purchasing sections.

Who Should Earn the 1Z0-520, Oracle E-Business Suite 12 Supply Chain Certified Implementation Specialist: Oracle Purchasing Certification?

This 1Z0-520 exam targets the intermediate-level implementation team member. If you want to pass the exam, up-to-date training and field experience are recommended. The 1Z0-520 certification is available to all candidates but is geared toward the members of the Oracle Partner Network who are involved in selling and implementing Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management modules.

Why Should You Earn the 1Z0-520, Oracle E-Business Suite 12 Supply Chain Certified Implementation Specialist, Oracle Purchasing Certification?

  • The 1Z0-520, Oracle E-Business Suite 12 Supply Chain Certified Implementation Specialist: Oracle Purchasing certification will certify to peers and potential employers that you possess a functional foundation in E-Business Essentials.

  • By taking the time to expand and certify your skillset, you'll demonstrate that you're committed to keeping your knowledge sharp. A candidate will develop and validate the skills to obtain and work within the R12 E-Business Suite, enter data, retrieve information in the form of a query, and get online help. Furthermore, you'll understand how to set up and use R12 Oracle Purchasing to manage the purchasing process - from requisition to receipt of purchase orders.

  • OPN Members earning this certification will be recognized as OPN Certified Specialists, which helps their companies qualify for the Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management Specialization. Gain an edge in the job market by certifying your skills today.

Preparation Tips to Pass the 1Z0-520 Exam:

Avail of the 1Z0-520 Training:

Joining one of the following training is recommended to boost your knowledge about the 1Z0-520 exam.

  • R12.2 Oracle E-Business Suite Fundamentals

  • R12.x Oracle Order Management Fundamentals

  • Oracle E-Business Suite Learning Subscription Ed 2

  • Unlimited Learning Subscription - All Technology

The Oracle E-Business Suite Learning Subscription helps the candidate learn all about the Oracle E-Business Suite solution. They can earn benefits from an in-depth look at the architecture; process flows, core components, business transactions, functionality, integration points, installation, upgrading, and configuration. It also includes the latest roadmaps, features, and capabilities presented by the experts. Hands-on labs are included so you can practice what you learn.

Get Clarity on the 1Z0-520 Syllabus Topics:

Learning the syllabus topics from the core is one of the most important tasks. You need to cover and learn each syllabus section and, as the syllabus is not percentage-focused, there is a special need to cover each section from the core. The more grasp on the syllabus clears the path to get success in the 1Z0-520 exam. Therefore, chalk out a plan to cover the syllabus in a systematic manner. If you fix the topics, you can utilize the study hours in a distraction-free manner. Make a routine mentioning the syllabus topics, and set a particular goal to cover those topics daily.

Fix Your Study Schedule:

Get your study hours fixed, and devote at least two to three hours daily from your productive time to learn the syllabus topics effectively. Make a habit of writing down the important topics and note down the details to use them during revision. Writing down the topics helps boost your memory and memorization power, which is needed to pass any multiple-choice exam.

Experience the Actual Exam with 1Z0-520 Practice Test:

Don't rush into the exam without practicing the exam paper and assessing your preparation level. Facing a multiple-choice exam is difficult, and the candidate needs to remember the whole syllabus in one go. Therefore, practicing the exam questions is the need of the hour. The 1Z0-520 practice tests solve the purpose of assessment and learning time management. A candidate can get valuable insights into his preparation level through the guidance offered in the result section. They might take the guidance seriously and work on the areas they can't answer. Thus, rigorous practice helps a candidate to improve their weaknesses and score better in the future.

They should not be worried about scoring less in their initial attempts Rather; they should try to learn from it and gradually improve the score. 

What Is Oracle Purchasing?

Oracle Purchasing is the solution for professional buyers that possess operational excellence in the Procurement method. It is a crucial element of Oracle Advanced Procurement, the integrated suite that dramatically cuts supply management costs.

Benefits of Using Oracle Purchasing:

  • Get support for Centralized or Decentralized procurement models that can cross-operating unit boundaries.

  • Multi-organization access controls offer security and business rule defaults.

  • Multiple Tax definitions supporting recoverable, unrecoverable, GST, and VAT is possible.

  • Aggregate demand across organizations and define centralized global agreements that multiple organizations can use.

Bottom Line:

The certification being a specialist level certification is undoubtedly valued highly across the globe. The 1Z0-520 certification proves the credibility of the candidate and makes him stand out to potential employers.

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