1Z0-149: Oracle Database Program with PL/SQL Is A Game Changer for A Better Career

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Learn more about the most amazing practice test to ace the 1Z0-149 exam. The practice test combines real exam-like scenario-based questions to make you conquer the exam in the first attempt.

Details of the 1Z0-149 Certification:

The 1Z0-149 exam is a 90 minutes long exam with 65 questions. A candidate needs to get a 66% mark to pass the professional level exam.

What Do You Learn through the 1Z0-149 Exam?

The 1Z0-149 certification introduces candidates to PL/SQL, Oracle’s procedural extension language, and Oracle relational database. Candidates explore the differences between SQL and PL/SQL. They also check the characteristics of PL/SQL and how it is used to extend and automate SQL to administer the Oracle database. The 1Z0-149 certification culminates with a project that challenges students to implement, program, and demonstrate a database solution for a business or organization.

Who Are the Target Audiences for the 1Z0-149 Certification?

The following candidates are the most suitable candidates for the 1Z0-149 certification.

  • Candidates who want to learn the tools and techniques to automate database application tasks can take the exam.

  • Students who have basic mathematical, logical, and analytical problem-solving skills are also suitable candidates.

  • Novice programmers, and aspirants at advanced levels, to learn the PL/SQL programming language to an advanced level can take the 1Z0-149 exam.

What Should be Your Preparation Strategy to Pass the 1Z0-149 Exam?

Take Enough Time to Prepare for the 1Z0-149 Exam:

To take the 1Z0-149 exam, a candidate must register with Pearson Vue. They can directly register from the official page by clicking on the registration button. As the candidate is going to take a professional-level certification, it is expected that they possess at least some knowledge regarding the subject matter. Whatever your situation is, whether completely new to SQL or experienced with SQL, it is suggested to take at least a time gap of two months from the registration period to the exam date.

Oracle suggests study plus hands-on training pass the 1Z0-149 exam. Taking ample time helps to deal with the PL/SQL knowledge-based questions. Learning the language should be focused.

Devotion Is the Key to Your success:

Being organized is the key to success. Make a schedule to cover the 1Z0-149 syllabus topics. If you are focused on passing the exam at first go, follow your schedule with devotion. Devote yourself in daily quality study hours and write down the crucial points during the study.

Join the Training Provided by Oracle:

  • Oracle offers the following training for the 1Z0-149 exam.

  • Oracle Database PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional

  • Oracle Database Learning Subscription

Joining training means learning about the topics from experts for more clarity. To apply the SQL language knowledge practically, a candidate must learn the practical aspects from the Oracle experts.

Nail the 1Z0-149 Exam, with Complete Grasp on the Syllabus:

Every section of the syllabus is very crucial, and when a candidate goes through the syllabus, he can discover that Oracle syllabuses are not percentage-based. So how should a candidate cover the entire syllabus? They must focus more on the topics with a higher number of subtopics, must schedule more time to focus on these sections.

The 1Z0-149 Candidates Should Develop A Habit of Making Notes:

If the candidate makes notes during preparation and develops the habit of reading and writing a topic, this is a proven fact that they would remember the studied topics for longer. Therefore, make a notebook for writing down all important details and use it during revision.

Choose the Right Material and 1Z0-149 Practice Test for Sure Success:

Many communities and Oracle forums focus on using the proper practice test to pass the exam. Once a candidate covers the syllabus areas, they must look for other resources like 1Z0-149 sample questions, useful videos, and practice tests.

Using reliable practice tests would help a candidate to discover his preparation level. They can find it easily about their strengths and weaknesses through the 1Z0-149 practice test evaluation method.

It is suggested to practice as much as possible to get familiar with the exam structure, question pattern, and time management. If a candidate lacks proper time management, they can fail to attempt all questions on the exam day. Therefore, keep practicing to boost your confidence.

Benefits of Using PL/SQL for Organizations:

There are multiple benefits of having the 1Z0-149 certification as the certification is associated with the Oracle Database Program with PL/SQL.

  • PL/SQL offers a built-in, interpreted, and OS-independent programming environment.

  • PL/SQL is an entirely portable, high-performance transaction-processing language.

  • PL/SQL's common syntax is based on that of ADA and Pascal programming language.

  • PL/SQL can also directly be used from the command-line SQL Plus interface.

  • The direct call can also be made from external programming language calls to the database.

Bottom Line:

Oracle certifications are immensely popular across the globe. The 1Z0-149 exam deals with Oracle Database Program with PL/SQL language, which makes it immensely popular among employers. Therefore get ready and grab the certification.

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