1Z0-1080-21: Oracle Planning 2021 Implementation Essentials| How to Pass the Exam?

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Are you worried about passing the Oracle 1Z0-1080-21 exam? Acing the exam becomes easier with the right materials, study guide, practice tests. Find out more about passing the exam with ease.

Who Is A 1Z0-1080-21 Certified Specialist?

The Planning Cloud 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist or Oracle 1Z0-1080-21 certified aspirant is someone who proved his knowledge and expertise in implementing Enterprise Performance Management and Planning solutions.

What Does the Candidate Learn through the 1Z0-1080-21 Certification?

Candidates with the 1Z0-1080-21 certification can set up a Planning business process, set up and configure security, and configure the Financials, Capitals, Workforce, and Projects modules, and design Reports and Documents.

Details of the 1Z0-1080-21 Exam:

The 1Z0-1080-21 exam is 90 minutes long exam with 60 questions. A candidate needs to face multiple-choice questions and should get a 66% mark to pass the 1Z0-1080-21 exam.

Here Are the Effective Preparation Tips to Pass the 1Z0-1080-21 Exam:

Devote Ample Time to Get Ready for the 1Z0-1080-21 Exam:

Oracle always suggests combining studying and taking training. If you invest ample time in the preparation, you can cover both aspects with ease. Therefore, never rush to take the exam; plan it properly and step in.

Get started with the 1Z0-1080-21 exam registration process and take a time gap of at least two to three months to become ready for the exam. The 1Z0-1080-21 exam, being an OCP level certification, assumes that the candidates should be knowledgeable about Oracle products. You might possess

Focusing on the Schedule Leads to Success:

If you are highly devoted during your study hours, and you accomplish the goals mentioned in your study schedule, chances are, you will be getting success with ease. Therefore making a schedule is not important, but following it till the actual exam day is crucial.

A Grasp on the 1Z0-1080-21 Syllabus Is Essential:

Which part of the syllabus should you focus on more? You can't prioritize any one topic and ignore the rest. Oracle does not mention any percentage distribution on the syllabus topics, but a candidate can set a routine by checking the topic length and number of subtopics. For obvious reasons, the topics with more subtopics would require much time and attention.

Make Notes to Remember the Topics for Longer:

If you study well and make a habit of writing the important points during the study, you can memorize the topics for longer. When you would face any multiple-choice exam, remembering the complete syllabus at one go is essential, and using the small details is also important. Therefore, include the memory booster process in your preparation journey.

Join the Oracle 1Z0-1080-21 Training:

A candidate might face multiple challenges during the 1Z0-1080-21 exam preparation. The best way to overcome those challenges and enhance their knowledge practically is to join the Oracle training. A candidate can join one of the following training-

  • Oracle Planning 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist

  • Oracle EPM Cloud Learning Subscription

Enroll for the 1Z0-1080-21 Practice Test:

Studying, writing down important topics, making notes, everything is important, but every candidate should get familiar with the exam pattern and should be confident to attempt a maximum number of questions in the exam hall. Facing the exam becomes easier if the candidate is aware of time management and has knowledge about his weaknesses and strengths. Enrolling in the Oracle 1Z0-1080-21 practice test and rigorous practicing would boost the confidence of the candidate to take the exam smoothly.

What Is Oracle Planning Solution?

Oracle planning is a solution that empowers operational planners with scalability, flexibility, and the ownership to plan the way they want. The solution still offers the transparency and control needed for corporate finance.

What Are the Benefits of Using Oracle Planning?

With Oracle Planning, the user can customize and forecast models or get up and run quickly with purpose-built planning models that include prebuilt calculations, dashboards, and reports. The solution is easy to use and easy to maintain.

  • Get scalability to address both operational and financial planning methods.

  • Intuitive business wizards would help the user to evolve his planning processes as his business changes.

  • The powerful analytics, dashboards, what-if, and predictive possibilities offer unparalleled insight into the business.

  • Cloud does not require any infrastructure investment.

How Does Oracle Planning Help Businesses?

Oracle Planning is the solution if you want to run your business in your way. This solution offers the freedom of choice to you as a customer to get a solution that meets the user's specific needs. The user can either have the workforce, capital, and project planning frameworks with high configurability, out-of-the-box best-in-class integrated financial strategy, or build a focused, customized solution tailored to their specific use case. Oracle Planning is the best of both worlds in a single solution. Some planning tools look for simplicity. Others strive for flexibility. The solution accomplishes both by offering an option to choose a solution that meets the business demands while maintaining the ease and upgradeability of a cloud-based planning solution.

Bottom Line:

Earning a specialist-level certification from Oracle would undoubtedly boost the resume value of a candidate. It takes a lot to pass the OCP level certifications. Therefore, the demand for the 1Z0-1080-21 certified candidate will always be high.

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