1Z0-1068-21: Oracle CX Commerce 2021| Practice Test to Get Your Specialist Level Certification Soon!!

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Gear up yourself with the most trusted study guide and practice test to earn your 1Z0-1068-21 certification soon. Get an overview of the certification and benefits through this article.

Who Is an Oracle 1Z0-1068-21 Certified Specialist?

An Oracle Commerce Cloud 2021 Implementation Specialist has proved the knowledge and skills required to build a Commerce store that provides custom requirements and integrations.

What Qualities Do You Earn After Passing the 1Z0-1068-21 Exam?

Candidates who earn the 1Z0-1068-21 certification can implement and deploy custom storefront components, manage sites both programmatically and in the Administration User Interface. They can integrate with external payment services using payment gateway extensions and webhooks, work with account-based business commerce characteristics and configure possibilities supported by the platform. They can outline key configuration tasks needed to prepare an account-based storefront for production.

Details of the 1Z0-1068-21 Exam:

The 1Z0-1068-21, Oracle CX Commerce 2021 Implementation Essentials exam is a 90-minute long exam with 55 questions. A candidate should get a 60% mark or above to pass the exam.

Here Are Some Steps to Get Ready for the 1Z0-1068-21 Exam:

Step 1:

A candidate should take the first step with registration, and they must register with Pearson Vue to confirm the exam date and plan their study schedule. If you register yourself and then start studying, you are already aware of the exam date, and you know the exam time you have to get ready. Therefore, get ready with registration as the first step.

Step 2:

The next crucial task is definitely covering the 1Z0-1068-21 syllabus topics. It would be best if the candidate plans the topics before sitting to study. One must devote ample time daily and cover few targeted topics. The more grasp you possess on the syllabus, the more is the chance to pass the exam.

Step 3:

Ease out the 1Z0-1068-21 syllabus covering the process of chart creation. If you make a chart that mentions your study hours, the particular topics to be covered, and all related materials mentioned in one place, you can use your study time more productively than ever. Preparing for an exam is a long and tiring process and, studying while balancing other works is quite a task. Therefore, use some highlighter and colors to keep the chart alive. Color the already studied areas with one color and others with a different color.

Join Oracle 1Z0-1068-21 Training for Better Understanding:

Oracle training helps a lot to clear the doubts of a candidate. Training helps to enhance your knowledge in both practical and theoretical aspects. Oracle offers the following training for the 1Z0-1068-21 exam-

  • Oracle CX Commerce 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist

  • Oracle Commerce Cloud Learning Subscription

A 1Z0-1068-21 candidate can join any of the training mentioned above to prepare better for the exam.

Widen Your Knowledge:

A candidate must have multiple study resources. He must not limit himself to the syllabus only. For better preparation, he should rely on sample questions and preparation videos. Joining groups and forums could also be helpful. You can learn more by exchanging your knowledge in the forums.

Make 1Z0-1068-21 Practice Tests A Priority:

Practicing is highly recommended. Once you keep practicing regularly, only you can understand if you can take the 1Z0-1068-21 exam within the preset exam time. In addition, you get valuable insights into your preparation through the 1Z0-1068-21 practice test. Find out your strengths and weaknesses through practice and act accordingly. Many aspirants fail to score well in the initial practice exam attempts. Don't bother about the score, rather take the assessment as a valuable learning tool.

What Is Oracle CX Commerce?

Oracle CX commerce is a solution that moves businesses online and improves the buying experience with data from the user's CRM and back-office systems. Oracle Commerce CX is a unified B2B and B2C eCommerce platform that helps the digital sales channels central to your company’s success by building personalized, online buyer skills, innovating faster, and boosting sales.

Benefits of Using Oracle CX Commerce:

Single Ecommerce Solution for Business Models:

Increase online sales, create innovative experiences, and support subscription pricing models. Set the unique demands of your business, regardless of the customer type, with a single, flexible e-commerce solution.

Create Data as Differentiator:

Connect supply chain data and ERP to unify every data point across every customer touchpoint. Expand self-service possibilities with Oracle Configure, Price, Quote, and bring even the most complex transaction types online.

Learn about Buyer Specific Experiences:

Use customer data to offer the right content and products and create personalized buying experiences across all channels.

Innovate and Rise Quickly and Effectively:

Analyze today’s digital commerce challenges. Prepare for tomorrow’s e-commerce possibilities and ever-changing customer needs with an open, connected, and scalable platform, one that takes an API-first approach.

Bottom Line:

Get Your 1Z0-1068-21 certification to use Oracle CX commerce in your business. Prove your credibility in the industry through the Oracle badge and get better career opportunities.

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