1Z0-1045-21: Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud 2021 Exam| Follow the Steps to Conquer It

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Cracking the 1Z0-1045-21, Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud 2021 Implementation Essentials exam is easy now. You can follow the study guide and enroll for the effective practice test.

What Is the 1Z0-1045-21 Exam Structure?

The 1Z0-1045-21 exam is a multiple-choice type exam and consists of 56 questions. A candidate needs to get a 68% mark to pass the exam and become Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist (OCS). Studying hard and combining Oracle training help in passing the exam smoothly.

A 1Z0-1045-21, Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Analytics 2021 Certified Specialist, is a candidate who is involved in implementing Oracle Analytics Cloud. They possess the knowledge needed to perform provisioning, build dimensional modeling and create data visualizations. They can use Advanced Analytics abilities and create a machine learning model.

What Study Steps Should You Follow to Pass the 1Z0-1045-21 Exam?

Register First to Fix the Date for the 1Z0-1045-21 Exam:

A candidate should register with Pearson Vue first to get the exam date and plan his study schedule. Registration and then studying helps to do the preparation in an organized manner. Many candidates think about having IT certifications, but they delay the process by thinking about the certification only. Therefore, register and prove your seriousness towards the exam.

Completing the 1Z0-1045-21 Syllabus Is the Next Big Step:

The next important task is to cover the 1Z0-1045-21 syllabus topics. But, you should plan it properly to cover the topics within minimal time. Your study schedule helps a lot to cover the syllabus topics first. Make a chart, mention different topics you want to cover within a specific period. Highlight the topics, which are already completed. Use separate colors for the topics that need more time.

Set a goal of covering two to three topics daily and stick to your goal. Your task during the study should be reading the topics and writing down important notes from the topics. These notes are handy during the revision time. You can spend less time on the total content and still cover the important points if you make notes during the study.

Join the 1Z0-1045-21 Training:

The candidate must take the help of Oracle 1Z0-1045-21 training to understand the exam topics better. Although some topics may feel really difficult, learning from the experts could help it. Oracle offers the following training for the 1Z0-1045-21 exam-

  • Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist

  • Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud Learning Subscription

Learn from Different Resources:

A candidate must learn from multiple study resources. He must not limit himself to the 1Z0-1045-21 syllabus only. For better preparation, they should rely on sample questions and preparation videos.

Utilize 1Z0-1045-21 Practice Tests Easily:

A candidate must utilize the practice test wisely. Once the candidate keeps practicing regularly, he can evaluate if he can take the 1Z0-1045-21 exam within a limited time. In addition, he gets valuable insights into his preparation through practicing. The 1Z0-1045-21 practice test is a great tool to learn the real exam structure, your strengths, weaknesses and work on them. Take the result section guidance seriously and work on the areas you can’t attempt.

What Is Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud?

Oracle Warehouse Management cloud transforms warehouse operations to meet today’s demand-driven marketplace challenges, successfully managing complex fulfillment operations and gaining total inventory visibility from the distribution center to the store shelf.

  • The solution helps to support multi-channel demand and orchestrate fulfillment and execution methods so customers can buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, and return anywhere.

  • Oracle Warehouse Management Enterprise Edition Cloud provides robust multichannel functionality. The function enables complete warehouse and logistics fulfillment from any browser-based device.

  • The solution comprises inbound and outbound fulfillment execution, yard management, cross-dock, and to-store management, value-added services, as well as reverse logistics, which offer management of inventory from the manufacturer to distribution center to store, and ultimately to the consumer.

Benefits of Using Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud:

Retail and Ecommerce Management:

Connected consumers demand complete solutions that align fulfillment technology to e-commerce and retail sales. Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud can change any site, warehouse, distribution center, storefront, kiosk, or even a garage into a robust and seamless fulfillment center.

Aid the Omnichannel Fulfillment:

Streamline multiple channel fulfillment into a single method, improving efficiency and customer demands.

Optimize Inventory Works:

Use end-to-end inventory management, from manufacturer to distribution center and from store to consumer.

Easy Returns Are Possible:

Assure proper tagging and tracking of product returns, and eliminate errors in documentation.

Collaborate the Movement of Merchandise:

Make store-friendly outbound shipments with advanced wave management that comprise complex algorithms to optimize picking efficiency.

Concluding Thoughts:

Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud presents a new paradigm in supply chain execution solutions, robust extended warehouse management functionality at a comparatively lower total cost of ownership. Oracle WMS Cloud offers innovative capabilities, mobile solutions, and an easy-to-use browser interface. The solution is highly configurable for fast, cost-effective implementation with the added structure to change and evolve with your business. Therefore the 1Z0-1045-21 certification makes you future-ready with the power of a cloud-based and best-of-breed warehouse management solution. The knowledge you earn through the OCS level certification helps you to have multiple career opportunities.

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