1Z0-068: Revealed!! Study Guide & Practice Tests to Pass Oracle Database 12c - RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administration Exam

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It is proven that having a comprehensive study guide could help you attain success in the Oracle 1Z0-068 certification exam. Rigorous attempts with 1Z0-068 practice tests will assure you a better score in the Oracle Certified Expert Oracle Database 12c RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administrator (OCE) exam.

Overview of the 1Z0-068 Certification: 

Through the Oracle 1Z0-068 certification preparation, a candidate earns the skills to install, monitor, maintain, tune and recover RAC databases, ASM environments, and Clusterware. You gain a thorough knowledge of the mentioned domains.

Who Should Take the 1Z0-068 Certification Exam?

The 1Z0-068, Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Database 12c: RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administrator certification is suitable for Database production Systems Administrators and Database Administrators who possess 12-18 months of experience with RAC and Grid Infrastructure. It will be beneficial to have the Knowledge of high availability concepts and clustering.

What Skills Do You Gain through the 1Z0-068 Certification Preparation?

While preparing for the 1Z0-068 certification exam, a candidate earns skills and knowledge in configuration, installation, backup and recovery, monitoring, and tuning of the components. You will also prove that you can specify the most beneficial configuration for specific demands. The 1Z0-068 certification will be an add-on to your Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional certification and will increase your value to your organization and in the marketplace.

Helpful to Study Guide to Get the 1Z0-068 Certification:

Choose Your Study Place for Better Focus:

A 1Z0-068 candidate must possess good energy while they sit to study. Therefore, choose a room or place which is well ventilated. For a smart preparation throughout, keep your study materials in one place and stay organized. Having peace of mind will help you to use your study time more constructively.

Have A Firm Grip on the 1Z0-068 Syllabus Topics:

Study place selection or study material collection is essential, but the most important part is having a firm grasp of the syllabus. Do not focus on the syllabus completion only for better scores in the exam; better focus on grasping the syllabus topics from the core. Remember, the knowledge you earn today will help you perform future tasks with ease.

Get A Study Schedule:

Covering the syllabus becomes easy if you create a study schedule. For ease of execution, you can mention the topic names on your study chart and proceed to cover them one by one. Setting your short-term goals to learn a few topics daily would help you accomplish the long-term goal of covering the syllabus with ease.

You might be productive during the day, or late studying could be your cup of tea; choose the best productive time for studying for an easy grasp of the syllabus. You can take inspiration from others' study schedules and plans but Follow the path that suits you best.

Avoid Last Minute Preparations:

While some candidates prefer to have last-minute preparation, it is proven that the method is not acceptable as it creates multiple hassles. When you prepare for any IT exam, you must take ample time to get ready for the exam. You must be great with your time management skills to pass any multiple-choice type exam. The associate-level certifications could seem simple, but you need to learn new topics, so taking ample time is needed.

Stay Away from Distractions During Study Hours:

Try to avoid any kind of distractions during your study hours. Once you are completely devoted to studying, you can study for only two hours and still learn well. Prepare notes while you study to remember the topics for longer and reduce your revision time by reducing the revision time.

Learn from the Oracle Training:

Joining Oracle training helps you to learn directly from the experts and help in boosting your practical skills. Join any of the following training to get the 1Z0-068 certification-

  • Oracle Database 12c: RAC Administration

  • Oracle Database Learning Subscription

  • Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Database 12c: RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administrator

  • Oracle Database 12c: ASM Administration

  • Oracle Database 12c: Clusterware Administration

Through training, you learn to develop, use and retain the latest in-depth Oracle Database skills.

In-house Oracle experts will explore the following topics:

  • High Availability

  • Detective Controls

  • Preventive Controls

  • Database Firewall

  • Oracle Audit Vault

  • New Oracle Database features

  • Multitenancy

  • Fleet Management capabilities

  • Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

  • Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

  • Exadata Database Machine

  • Deploy, Patch, and Upgrade

  • Backup and Recovery

  • Security

  • Oracle Key Vault

Gauge Your Preparation Level with 1Z0-068 Practice Tests:

Have you prepared well for the Oracle 1Z0-068 certification exam? Gauge it from time to time through rigorous practice with the 1Z0-068 practice tests. Explore more about your strengths and weaknesses and work accordingly for a better score in the exam.

How Do the 1Z0-068, Oracle Database 12c - RAC, and Grid Infrastructure Administration Certification Benefit Your Career?

There are multiple benefits to your 1Z0-068 database administration career. The first essential thing is getting job security. In the recent age, finding a job that promises security for lifelong is quite impossible. Apart from the government jobs, the private world is highly affected by economic fluctuations and offers very less stability to the aspirant. However, with database administration 1Z0-068 certification, you can get rid of all your worries.

Data is a huge field, and every big or small organization needs its data to be managed properly. Therefore, it is not just an assumption but a belief based on facts that database administration is a profession that will stay around in the spotlight for a few more decades.

You can't ignore the salary advantage that DBA jobs offer over other IT jobs. The surveys prove that DBA jobs have been decently paid jobs in recent years.

Concluding Thought:

The basic work of certifications is to load you with knowledge and prove your skills through the certification badge. Certifications move you one step forward to a better career, and that goes well for the Oracle 1Z0-068 certification too. Therefore, get the 1Z0-068 certification and prove your DBA skills to the IT world.

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