Oracle 1Z0-971 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-971 Sample Questions:

01. Which format must the date column value have In File Based Data Import?
d) Date format is configurable
02. A profile option is set at Site and User levels. Which one takes precedence?
a) Site
b) user
c) Product
d) Global
03. Your client wants a research assistant role that has read-only access to all pages accessible to the Compensation Analyst and to assigned participants. How can this be accomplished?
a) Copy the Analyst Role and delete all privileges in the provisioning template other than Read.
b) Copy the Participant role and add Analyst Duty Roles.
c) Create a new role template.
d) Create a new role and add read privileges.
04. Will the earnings for participants be calculated once their Active End Date has elapsed?
a) Earnings will not be calculated if their Compensation End date has elapsed.
b) Earnings will be calculated foe participants as long as they remain assigned to a compensation plan.
c) Earnings will not be calculated if their Active End Date has elapsed.
d) Earnings will be calculated lot participants as long as they exist m the fusion Incentive Compensation system.
05. Of what type of role is Incentive Compensation Analyst an example?
a) Job
b) Abstract
c) Duty
d) Work Area
06. A business unit has set up a calendar based on fiscal months, but period data is not displaying on reports Select the configuration you must verify to identify the root cause.
a) Report to work area mapping is defined for each period.
b) Status is set to 'Active' for all of the required months.
c) Display period data in participant reports' is selected.
d) Start and end dates for the fiscal months are valid.
07. Which method enables an Incentive Compensation application administrate, to bypass payment approval?
a) Set Grade Fusion Incentive Compensation: Enforce Payment Approval to 'No' in the Manage Profile Options task.
b) Set up an empty payment administration hierarchy.
c) Set Paysheet Approval Status to 'Approved- in the Manage Parameters task.
d) Payment approval cannot be bypassed.
08. In which section of the Home screen do users receive notifications generated by the Approvals functionality?
a) Worklist: Notifications and Approvals
b) BPM Worklist
c) Activity Stream
d) Approval Manager
09. Which three statements are true regarding Classification?
a) Classification splits the credits among the participant credit receivers.
b) Classification rules are used to classify transactions into meaningful credit categories.
c) Rule criteria involve one or more transaction attributes.
d) Qualifiers are ANDed and qualifier attribute values are ORed.
e) Classification process must be run before the Crediting process.
10. By using which method can a new participant be created In the Incentive Compensation application?
a) manually in the UI
b) using the Create Participant Web Service
c) using the Import Participant process
d) using the Create Participant task in Setup and Maintenance



Answer: d


Answer: b


Answer: d


Answer: d


Answer: a


Answer: d


Answer: c


Answer: a


Answer: c, d, e


Answer: d

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