Oracle 1Z0-883 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-883 Sample Questions:

01. Consider the Mysql Enterprise Audit plugin. You are checking user accounts and attempt the following query:
Mysql> SELECT user, host,
plugin FROM mysql.users; ERROR 1146 (42S02):
Table ‘mysql.users’ doesn’t exist
Which subset of event attributes would indicate this error in the audit.log file?
a) NAME=”Query”
SQLTEXT=”select user,host from users”/>
b) NAME=”Error”
STATUS=”1146” S
QLTEXT=”Error 1146 (42S02): Table ‘ mysql.users’ doesn’t exist”/>
c) NAME=”Query”
SQLTEXT=” Error 1146 (42S02): Table ‘ mysql.users’ doesn’t exist”/>
d) NAME=”Error”
SQLTEXT=”select user,host from users”/>
e) NAME=”Error”
SQLTEXT=”Error 1146 (42S02): Table ‘ mysql.users’ doesn’t exist”/>
02. You execute the following statement in a Microsoft Windows environment. There are no conflicts in the path name definitions.
C: \> mysqld – install Mysql56 – defaults – file = C : \my –opts.cnf
What is the expected outcome?
a) Mysqld acts as an MSI installer and installs the Mysql 5.6 version, with the c: \my-opts.cnf configuration file.cnf configuration file.
b) Mysql is installed as the Windows service name Mysql56, and uses c: \my-opts.cnf as the configuration file.
c) An error message is issued because - install is not a valid option for mysqld.
d) A running Mysql 5.6 installation has its runtime configuration updated with the server variables set in c: \my-opts.cnf.
03. Assume that you want to know which Mysql Server options were set to custom values. Which two methods would you use to find out?
a) Check the configuration files in the order in which they are read by the Mysql Server and compare them with default values.
b) Check the command-line options provided for the Mysql Server and compare them with default values.
c) Check the output of SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES and compare it with default values.
d) Query the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.GLOBAL_VARIABLES table and compare the result with default values.
04. Which three data components are needed for point-in-time recovery?
a) The error log
b) The backup log
c) The general query log
d) Binary logs
e) The data backup
f) Configuration files
05. Which three statements are true about memory buffer allocation by a MySQL Server?
a) Global buffers such as the InnoDB buffer pool are allocated after the server starts, and are never freed.
b) Thread buffers are allocated when a client connects, and are freed when the client disconnects.
c) Buffers that are needed for certain operation are allocated when the operation starts, and freed when it ends.
d) User buffers are allocated at server startup and freed when the user is dropped.
e) All dynamic buffers that are set with a SET GLOBAL statement immediately get allocated globally, and are never freed.
06. You adjust a default configuration to the following /etc/my.cnf on a Linux installation:
You do not notice the spelling error in binrylog_format and restart your production server. How does the MySQL server behave with incorrectly spelled options?
a) Mysqld uses internal configuration versioning and reverts to the previous configuration.
b) When using mysql_config_editor for configuration adjustments, it detects incorrect syntax and typing mistakes.
c) The mysqld_safe script skips the unknown variable and starts using the remaining configuration changes.
d) Mysqld prints to the error log about an unknown variable, and then exits.
07. Which statement is true about FLUSH LOGS command?
a) It requires the RELOAD, FILE, and DROP privileges.
b) It closes and reopens all log files.
c) It closes and sends binary log files to slave servers.
d) It flushes dirty pages in the buffer pool to the REDO logs.
08. You inherit a legacy database system when the previous DBA, Bob, leaves the company. You are notified that users are getting the following error:
mysql> CALL film_in_stock (40, 2, @count); ERROR 1449 (HY000):
The user specified as a definer (‘bon’@’localhost’) does not exis How would you identify all stored procedures that pose the same problem?
a) Execute SELECT * FROM mysql.routines WHERE DEFINER=’bob@localhost’;.
b) Execute SHOW ROUTINES WHERE DEFINER=’bob@localhost’.
e) Examine the Mysql error log for other ERROR 1449 messages.
09. A Mysql Server has been running an existing application successfully for six monthsThe my.cnf is adjusted to contain the following additional configuration: [mysqld] Default-authentication-plugin=sha256_password The Mysql Server is restarted without error. What effect will the new configuration have in existing accounts?
a) They will have their passwords updated on start-up to sha256_password format.
b) They will have to change their password the next time they login to the server.
c) They are not affected by this configuration change.
d) They all connect via the secure sha256_password algorithm without any configuration change.
10. What are three actions performed by the mysql_secure_installation tool?
a) It prompts you to set the root user account password.
b) It checks whether file permissions are appropriate within datadir.
c) It asks to remove the test database, which is generated at installation time.
d) It can delete any anonymous accounts.
e) It verifies that all users are configuration with the longer password hash. 



Answer: a


Answer: b


Answer: c, d


Answer: d, e, f


Answer: a, b, c


Answer: d


Answer: b


Answer: c


Answer: d


Answer: a, c, d

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