Oracle 1Z0-882 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-882 Sample Questions:

01. When working with stored routines, these details are available:
• The affected –rows count
• The number of conditions that occurred
• The condition information, such as the error code and message
Where can you find these defaults?
a) In the Handler area, defined in the DECLARE handler_action HANDLER block in a stored routine
b) In the Signal area, which is set with the help of the SIGNAL statement in a stored routine
c) In the Diagnostics area, part, of which can be stored in user-defined or routine variables
d) In the Error area, which can be accessed with the help of the SHOW ERRORS statement
02. You wish to create a trigger on the country table. It will populate two session variables based on the row that is deleted:
@old _countryNames with the value of the Name field
@old _countryName with the value of the code field
You may assume that only one row is ever deleted at a time.
SET @old _CountryName= NEW.Name,
@ old _CountryCode=NEW.Code;
What is the outcome of the CREATE TRIGGER statement?
a) The trigger will be created successfully.
b) An error results because the NEW keyword cannot be used in a DELETE trigger.
c) An error results because FOR EACH ROW is invalid syntax.
d) An error results because a BEGIN. . .END block is required.
03. Which two Functions can be used in a C program to retrieve information about warning?
a) mysql_info
b) mysql_error
c) mysql_warning_count
d) mysql_errno
04. What are two ways in which normalizing your tables helps improve performance In MySQL?
a) Smaller table sizes and row lengths improve sorting operations.
b) Separate tables allow indexing more columns.
c) Fewer nullable column improve index usage.
d) Normalizing Improves the performance of innodb_file_per _table.
05. You have a transaction that queries a table at the beginning of the transaction and performs the same query later. Which two transaction isolation levels guarantee that you get the same results both times?
a) Repeatable read
b) Read committed
c) Read uncommitted
d) Single user
e) serializable
06. Which three connector/J connection strings can be used to connect to the MYSQL server?
a) jdbc:mysql://localhost/test?user =xxx&password=xxx
b) jdbc:mysqli://localhost/test?user=xxx&password=xxx
c) jdbc:mysql:replication://master,slave1.slave2. /test?user=xxx&password=xxx
d) jdbc:mysql:proxy://localhost/test?user=xxx&password=xxx
e) jdbc:mysql:loadbalance://master.slave1,slave2/test?user=xxx&password=xxx
07. Your application is running slow. Which two features provide information that help to identify problems?
a) The MYSQL error log
b) The slow query log
c) The performance schema
d) The GET DIAGNOSTICS statement
08. Using the query:
SELECT Code FROM country WHERE Name = ‘united states’
Which statement executed in the mysql client would create a prepared statement?
a) PREPARE STATEMENT countrycode FROM ‘SELECT code FROM counyry WHERE Name =?.;
b) PREPARE countrycode As ‘SELECT code FROM country WHERE Name =?.;
c) PREPARE countrycode FROM ‘SELECT code FROM country WHERE Name =?.;
d) PREPARE STATEMENT countrycode As ‘SELECT code FROM country WHERE Name =?.;
09. A table country exists with a column Name. A user variable @ limitcount contains the value 20. Which two statements are valid uses of the LIMIT clause?
a) SELECT Name FROM country LIMIT 100-50
b) SELECT Name FROM country LIMIT 100,50
c) SELECT Name FROM country LIMIT 35
d) SELECT Name FROM country LIMIT @limitcount
e) SELECT Name FROM country LIMIT RAND ()
10. An application tracks usage of educational courses in a company. Many people can take one course. Each person can take multiple courses. The data has been stored in one table but it is growing too large. You decide to normalize the table. What would a normalized data model contain?
a) Two tables: employee and course, with foreign keys on employee ID and course ID.
b) Three tables: employee, course, and a table cross-referencing employee IDs and course IDs
c) Two tables: an employee table with multiple course IDs , and a course table
d) Four tables: employee, course, courses by employee, and employees by course



Answer: c


Answer: b


Answer: a, c


Answer: a, c


Answer: a, e


Answer: a, c, e


Answer: b, c


Answer: c


Answer: b, c


Answer: b


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