Oracle 1Z0-590 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-590 Sample Questions:

01. What component of Oracle VM Product is specifically responsible for the automatic failover process?
a) OCFS2
b) Server Pool Master
c) Oracle Clusterware
d) utility server
e) virtual machine server
02. Which three are part of the JeOS toolkit?
a) Linux command to customize the JeOS images and create the template
b) JeOS license file
c) Enterprise Linux JeOS images to use for the System.img
d) Microsoft Windows JeOS images to use for the System.img
e) Template reconfiguration scripts
f) Red Hat Enterprise Linux JeOS images to use for the System.img
03. What task can an Administrator do that a Manager cannot in Oracle VM Manager?
a) manage server pools
b) manage servers
c) manage resources
d) manage virtual machines
e) create users and groups
f) import resources
04. Oracle VM Server consists of which two software components?
a) Oracle Database XE
b) Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.3
c) Xen Hypervisor
d) Oracle Containers for Java (OC4J)
e) Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS)
05. Which three attributes of an existing virtual disk can be changed using Oracle VM Manager?
a) Virtual Disk N
b) Virtual Disk Size
c) Hard Drive Type
d) QoS Enabled
e) Priority Class
06. What two configuration files are associated with an OCFS2 cluster?
a) /etc/ocfs2/cluster.conf
b) /etc/sysconfig/ocfs2
c) /etc/sysconfig/cluster.conf
d) /etc/sysconfig/o2cb
07. When setting up an iSCSI repository, what three steps must be completed before running the commands?
a) The iSCSI LUN must be formatted with the OCFS2 file system.
b) The iscsi-adm service must be installed and running.
c) The iSCSI daemon must be installed and running.
d) Multipathing must be configured and the multipath daemon must be running.
e) The iSCSI LUNs must be mapped to local devices.
08. What information is required to connect to a YUM repository from Oracle Template Builder?
a) the URL of the YUM repository only
b) the URL of the YUM repository and a SHA5 key from Oracle for the repository
c) the name and URL of the YUM repository, along with the user name and password for the YUM server's administrator
d) the name of the YUM repository only
09. What command will show the current status of all Oracle VM Agent components?
a) service ovs status
b) xm show ovs-agent
c) service ovs-agent status
d) -1
e) xm dmesg
10. Which option describes the purpose of the Generic Desktop Provider?
a) It connects to a pool of virtual machines with a RDP service.
b) It connects to any virtual or any physical machine with a RDP service.
c) It connects to any physical machine regardless of operating system.
d) It connects to any virtual or any physical machine with a VNC service.



Answer: c


Answer: a, b, e


Answer: e


Answer: b, c


Answer: b, d, e


Answer: b, d


Answer: a, b, c


Answer: d


Answer: c


Answer: b

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