Oracle 1Z0-521 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-521 Sample Questions:

01. Identify three features of Oracle Workflow Builder in Oracle Workflow Architecture.
(Choose three.)
a) Monitors workflows
b) Resides in Oracle Application Server
c) Defines and customizes workflow definitions
d) Saves workflow process definition in a flat-file format
e) Saves workflow process definition in a graphical file format
f) Has Navigator tree and Process diagram as its components
02. When adding a new recipient to the approvals lists for the seeded negotiation agreements. Which two statements are true?
(Choose two)
a) Open the seeded workflow and add the new name there.
b) Modify the seeded approvals list to create a new workflow.
c) The seeded workflow list of approvers cannot be modified.
d) Select setup>Transaction types > Approvals and add the recipient to the list of approvers to appropriate list name.
e) Select setup>Transaction types, query the appropriate transaction type and than click the appropriate button, finally the user should add the recipient to the list of agreements for the appropriate list name.
03. You are involved in a project to upgrade to Oracle E-Business suit Release 12. You need more information about the upgrade process and paths. Where would you find the upgrade guide for Oracle E-Business?
a) AppsNet
b) Bug data base
c) Technical Forums
d) Meta link knowledge base
e) Oracle technology Network
f) Customer knowledge Exchange
04. Oracle Workflow Architecture includes Workflow Engine, Workflow Builder, and Directory Service. Identify three true statements.
(Choose three.)
a) Directory Service contains users and roles.
b) Workflow Engine resides in Oracle database.
c) Directory service contains agents and services.
d) Workflow Builder resides in development client.
e) Workflow Engine resides in Oracle Application Server.
f) Workflow Builder saves workflow process definitions in a graphical format.
05. Allowing a negative on hand balance is set at ______ .
a) The Entity Level
b) The Subinventory Level
c) The operating Unit Level
d) The Item master inventory level
e) The Inventory organization level
06. Paul wants to log in to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1. Identify the first server to which his request would go.
a) Web Server
b) Reports Server
c) Administration Server
d) Concurrent Processing Server
07. Customer acceptance is applicable for which four order types or models.
(Choose four)
a) Kits
b) Returns
c) Internal orders
d) Retro bill orders
e) ATO/PTO models
f) Standard orders with service items
g) Standard orders with standard items
08. In Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1, at which level can you exclude a function from a responsibility?
a) Menu, submenu, or function
b) Menu and submenu, but not function
c) Menu and function, but not submenu
d) Function and submenu, but not menu
09. The technical architecture in Oracle E-Business suit release 12 supports the business needs of the application. Select three technical features included in the technical architecture in Oracle E- Business Suite release 12.
(Choose three)
a) Global
b) Mobile interface
c) Rapid implementation
d) Business intelligence
e) End-to-end integration
f) Self-service (HTML/JSps)
10. Which option describes a group of segments?
a) Values
b) Value set
c) Flexfield structure
d) Both structure and values



Answer: c, d, f


Answer: d, e


Answer: d


Answer: a, b, d


Answer: e


Answer: a


Answer: a, e, f, g


Answer: a


Answer: b, d, f


Answer: c

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