Oracle 1Z0-500 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-500 Sample Questions:

01. Which Oracle Management Cloud service and function can help diagnose past performance of a SQL statement?
a) Log Analytics: Resource Analytics> Database calls
b) Application Performance Monitoring: Display SQL > Top SQL Hogs
c) IT Analytics: Performance Analytics> Database
d) IT Analytics: Data Explorer
e) Application Performance Monitoring: Resource History> Top SQL
02. You need to set up monitoring of a customer's log files. Which two can be configured to accomplish the task?
a) a log file monitor
b) a file tap
c) a log scraper
d) a log source
e) a parser
03. Using the Log Analytics service, how should you find the outliers of a log entry?
a) Run the query for specific error message in search bar and sort the least number of entries.
b) Run the* | clustercommand in the search bar and find the least number of cluster entries.
c) Select the Histogram from the Visualize panel and search for error message.
d) Select the Error in the Severity field and display it in the log record.
04. Which three statements are true regarding communication between Oracle Management Cloud services?
a) The gateway uploads logs using a data pipeline and stores them in a distributed file system on the unified data platform of Oracle Management Cloud.
b) The cloud agent detects logs from the targets and the agent itself, depending on the log rules, and uploads the collected logs to the EM agent.
c) The Log Analytics and APM services receive data from a distributed file system and retain it in the service schema of each service.
d) The data collector collects different types of data from the Oracle Management Repository, including targets, target properties, metrics, performance metrics, and events.
e) The gateway authenticates the cloud agent in the client security service layer by checking if the cloud agent is a valid entity.
05. A customer wants to see the trend of CPU for all the hosts within their cost center. How should you achieve this?
a) Use the IT Analytics service Data Explorer.
b) Use IT Analytics Middleware Performance Analytics.
c) Use IT Analytics Database Resource Analytics.
d) Use the IT Analytics IT Resource Comparison Workbench.
e) Using the Log Analytics service, select the logs for those hosts, and then search for peak CPU entries.
06. Your customer wants to install 10,000 Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) cloud agents for Log Analytics. What is the minimum number of gateway agents needed for the deployment?
a) 10 gateway agents, because a gateway can manage data transfer for up to 1,000 cloud agents
b) 5 gateway agents, because a gateway can manage data transfer for up to 2,000 cloud agents
c) 1 gateway agents, being a gateway, it can manage data transfer for any number of cloud agents
d)2 gateway agents, because a gateway can manage data transfer for up to 5,000 cloud agents
07. When deploying an Oracle Management Cloud agent, and error was encountered. What is one method to troubleshoot this?
a) Verify that a registration key value had been input and that they key has a valid status.
b) Log in to and in MyServices check in the Agents tab for any errors and then select the "redeploy" check box.
c) Review IP addresses of agents for any conflicts and reassign the agent being deployed to a new address range.
d) Load data into the Management Repository if found empty.
08. A Cloud Agent is deployed on an Oracle Database entity for the IT Analytics service. Next you configure it to perform which function?
a) Harvest data from the Automatic Workload Repository.
b) Verify that a cloud agent is a valid entity and that it can store its data on Oracle Management Cloud.
c) Harvest data from the gateway.
d) Verify directory permissions.
e) Mask data before it is uploaded to the Oracle Management Cloud.
09. For which situation would you use the Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) Log Analytics on-demand upload capability?
a) to provide a baseline copy of Enterprise Manager data to OMC services
b) to provide log data without requiring an agent
c) to provide monitored data for the IT Analytics service before agent setup
d) to supply application-specific data to the Application Performance Monitoring service before agent setup
10. Which component must be allowed connectivity to the Internet to communicate with the Oracle Cloud?
a) Cloud Agent
b) Enterprise Manager Agent
c) Data Collector
d) Gateway



Answer: e


Answer: a, d


Answer: b


Answer: a, d, e


Answer: c


Answer: b


Answer: a


Answer: a


Answer: b


Answer: d


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