Oracle 1Z0-485 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-485 Sample Questions:

01. Which three are valid caching hints for a SQL statement?
02. When designing a storage strategy for use on the Exadata Storage Server, you should...
a) Have one grid disk on a cell disk.
b) Have two grid disks on a cell disk.
c) Have the failure group for a grid disk on a different cell disk.
d) Have the failure group for a grid disk on the same cell disk.
e) Use an inner grid disk for data.
f) Use an outer grid disk for data.
03. How many IP addresses do you need to assign for each Exadata Storage Cell?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 3
d) 5
e) It depends on the number of Exadata Storage Cells.
04. What are two impacts of selecting high redundancy over normal redundancy for your diskgroups?
a) High redundancy provides more usable storage.
b) Normal redundancy provides more usable storage.
c) High redundancy gives you better I/O performance.
d) High redundancy provides High Availability (HA) during disk failure and rolling Storage Server patching
e) Normal redundancy provides HA during rolling Storage Server patching.
05. Identify a recommended configuration to set up Auto Service Request (ASR) for Exadata.
a) Install ASR Manager on Exadata Database Server.
b) Install ASR Manager on Exadata Storage Server.
c) ASR is not recommended for Exadata; the Oracle Configuration Manager is preferred.
d) Install ASR Manager on a Standalone Server.
06. When consolidating multiple databases onto a single Oracle Exadata Database Machine, which approach should you take to help the machine support a mixed workload?
a) Make sure that all high priority applications are latency-sensitive.
b) Make sure that all high priority applications are throughput-sensitive.
c) Make sure that all high priority applications are either all latency-sensitive or all throughput-sensitive.
d) Make sure that high priority applications are balanced between latency-sensitive and throughput-sensitive.
07. Which Exadata Storage Server users can edit configuration files?
a) sys
b) guest
c) master
d) root
08. What should you do in order to use Hybrid Column Compression without having to update recent data frequently?
a) Batch write operations to increase the efficiency of HCC.
b) Partition table and use HCC on older, less updated partitions.
c) Use HCC in archive mode.
d) Avoid HCC
09. Someone has pulled a Flash Card from a storage cell. What should you do to obtain HA?
a) You must alter ASM to alert it.
b) You must recreate any grid disks that use the drive.
c) The cell must be rebooted.
d) Nothing, as it will continue working just fine.
10. Which feature can reduce the amount of I/O processed and is unique to the Exadata Storage Server?
a) Database Resource Manager
b) Storage Indexes
c) Partitioning
d) Parallelism



Answer: a, b, e


Answer: b, c, f


Answer: c


Answer: b, d


Answer: d


Answer: c


Answer: d


Answer: b


Answer: c


Answer: b

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