Oracle 1Z0-457 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-457 Sample Questions:

01. Identify four capabilities of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Compliance Management feature evaluate the compliance of targets and systems.
a) Defining, customizing, and managing compliance standards
b) Defining, customizing, and managing compliance standard rules
c) Providing advice on how to bring a target and system into compliance
d) Providing advice on how to bring a target, but not a system into compliance
e) Defining, customizing, and managing custom compliance formulas
f) Defining, customizing, and managing compliance frameworks
02. What four Cloud Configuration Management challenges can Oracle Enterprise manager help you to monitor, track, and manage?
a) Virtual server sprawl
b) Dynamic topology changes
c) Rogue multi-tenant memory attachment
d) Keeping within compliance, rules, and standards
e) Drift from predefined service templates
f) Monitoring of SQLNET in Public Clouds
03. What three items can Service Availability be based on With Oracle Enterprise Manager?
a) TCP/IP ping
b) Service Test
c) Synthetic transaction
d) Components of system
e) Database latency
04. Which pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager would you use to manage a BPEL process?
a) Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack for Oracle Middleware
b) SOA Management Pack EE
c) Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Middleware
d) Real User Experience Insight Pack
05. The Connector Framework for Oracle Enterprise Manager resides on __________ .
a) Oracle Management Service (OMS)
b) Oracle Fusion Applications
c) Grid Control Console
d) Memory Access Module
06. Which three are key elements in the plugin.xml file for Oracle Enterprise Management?
a) Credential Info
b) Credential Type
c) Credential Set
d) Credential Set Row
e) Credential Member
07. Which two Oracle Enterprise Manager functionalities can reuse the application- Specific user session recordings from Oracle Enterprise Manager Real user Experience Insight (RUEI)?
a) Application Testing Suite
b) Application Replay
c) Application Workload Generator
d) Configuration Management
e) Compliance Management
08. Identify the sequence of steps that is needed to set up the virtualization infrastructure before you start monitoring and managing virtualization targets with Oracle Enterprise manager.
a) Register OVM Manager and discover Oracle VM Server; set up the storage infrastructure; configure networks and VLAN groups; and create a virtual server pool.
b) Register OVM manager and discover Oracle VM Server; configure networks and VLAN groups; set up the storage infrastructure; and create a zone.
c) Configure networks and VLAN groups; create a virtual server pool; register OVM manager and discover Oracle VM Server; and set up the storage infrastructure.
d) Configure the networks and VLAN group; set up the storage infrastructure; create a virtual server pool; and register OVM Manager and discover Oracle VM Server.
09. You are calculating space requirements for an Oracle Enterprise Manager deployment that includes Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Management Service, Repository, CPU, and Memory. What should you base your estimates on?
a) Fixed requirements
b) Number of management agents
c) Number of managed targets
d) Previous experience
10. How is Service Availability defined in Oracle Enterprise Manager?
a) Based on System and Service Test
b) Based on Service Status
c) Based on Service and System Status
d) Based on System Test and Service Status



Answer: a, b, d, f


Answer: a, b, d, e


Answer: b, c, d


Answer: b


Answer: a


Answer: a, b, c


Answer: a, b


Answer: b


Answer: c


Answer: a


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