Oracle 1Z0-439 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-439 Sample Questions:

01. Identify two locations in Unifier where the Document Manager exists
(Choose two.)
a) Document level
b) Project level
c) Shell level
d) User level
e) Company level
02. Which two statements are true about User Preference templates?
(Choose two.)
a) They can be routed for approvals in a Business Process.
b) Only one User Preference template can be active.
c) You can have multiple User Preference templates.
d) They are automatically applied when importing users.
03. You are manually adding users to Unifier. You notice that your newly added users are inactive. What is the reason for this?
a) You did not enter a valid email address.
b) You did not add the users to a Shell.
c) You have exceeded your license limit.
d) You have set this as a default when adding new users.
04. How can you change the data fields of folders and documents in Document Manager?
a) Deploy a Document Attribute Form.
b) Deploy a Document type Business Process.
c) Deploy a Shell Attributes Form in which the Document Manager is available.
d) Deploy the User Attributes Form.
05. When can an assignee decline a task if an option is enabled for a step?
a) if there are multiple assignees on the step and the others have all already declined
b) if the assignee is the only assignee on the step and has the ability to add assignees on the step
c) if the assignee is the only assignee on the step and has the ability to add CC
d) if there are multiple assignees on the step who are yet to accept/decline the task
06. Identify one function granted to On Hold users.
a) They can be added to workflows.
b) They can log into Unifier.
c) They can initiate Business Processes.
d) They can create Business Processes.
07. The Business Process type that consists of only an Upper Form is ________
a) Simple type
b) Document type
c) Text type
d) Line item type
08. You are building a workflow and specifying conditional routing. There are multiple conditions that must be met. How do you do this?
a) Set up an Or operator.
b) Set up a Form with a drop-down menu.
c) Set up an And operator.
d) Set up a Data Picker.
09. At which level are Programs created?
a) Company
b) Project
c) Shell
d) Site
10. What determines the availability of Details Forms and Line Item lists when creating a Business Process?
a) Business Process behavior
b) Business Process type
c) Business Process subtype
d) Business Process level



Answer: b, c


Answer: c, d


Answer: a


Answer: a


Answer: d


Answer: a


Answer: d


Answer: b


Answer: c


Answer: b

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