Oracle 1Z0-338 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-338 Sample Questions:

01. Which three operations can be performed on the Exadata Storage Servers?
a) Predicate Filtering
b) Aggregation
c) Storage Index Processing
d) Table Scans
e) Data Conversion
02. Your customer is keen to ensure that they select the best tape based backup strategy on their Exadata Database Machine.
a) Daily full RMAN backups that take advantage of Exadata’s speed and performance
b) Weekly full RMAN tape backups and daily incremental RMAN tape backups
c) Weekly full RMAN disk based backups and daily incremental RMAN backups
d) Tape based backups are not recommended on the Exadata Database Machine
03. Your customer would like to apply patches to the Exadata Database Machine to match their current patching schedule. Currently, servers are patched twice per year, databases are patched quarterly, operating systems are patched monthly. Will your customer be able to patch the various components of the Exadata Database Machine on the same schedule?
Select the best answer and reason.
a) Yes, patches are delivered from Metalink on a monthly schedule
b) No, patches are delivered quarterly and the OS, firmware, storage server and database server patches are delivered together
c) Yes, patches are delivered via Platinum Support. OS and firmware patches are available monthly, CPU patches are available for download once per quarter.
d) No, patches for the os, firmware, storage server and database server are available once per year.
04. Which Oracle Cloud service can be deployed as a quarter, half, or full rack?
a) Big Data Analytics Cloud Service
b) Oracle Infrastructure as a Service Cloud
c) Oracle Database Express
d) Oracle Exadata Cloud Service
05. How do ASM failure group provide redundancy?
a) For external redundancy ASM disk groups are placed in a Raid 1+0 configuration to ensure the no blocks  are lost during an outage.
b) They ensure that the ASM disks are accessed via ADB protocol and not physically mounted on the database server.
c) They assign ASM disks to failure groups to ensure that the mirror copies of a block are not in the same failure group.
d) They ensure that the cell disks are sliced into grid disks by using cellsrv processes.
06. Which command would you use to stop your customers entire RAC cluster prior to rebooting the server?
e) CellCLI Shutdown services ms
07. Your customer has a very large table that is accessed very infrequently, they would like to load this table onto their Exadata Database Machine, but are critically low on space and would like to compress the table as much as possible. They are looking for recommendations on the strategy to use. Select the best method.
a) Load this table using Advanced Compression
b) Load this table using a combination of Hybrid Columnar Compression, Advanced Compression and Basic Compression
c) Load this table with Hybrid Columnar Compression set to ARCHIVE HIGH
d) Load this table with Hybrid Columnar Compression set to QUERY LOW
08. Which CellCLI command will shut down the ms, rs, and cellsrv services on Exadata?
a) CellCLI > alter cell shutdown ms, rs, cellsrv
b) CellCLI > alter cell stop ms, rs, cellsrv
c) CellCLI > alter cell shutdown services all
d) CellCLI > alter cell all shutdown
e) CellCLI> alter cell shutdown ms; alter cell shutdown rs, alter cell shutdown cellsrv
09. You have recommended that your customer use IORM in order to distribute disk bandwidth among multiple databases on an Exadata system. Which strategy could this action potentially help out with?
b) Consolidation
c) Big Data Analytics performance
d) SQL statement tuning
e) Grid infrastructure optimization
10. A control file tracks the physical components of a database. It is the root file that the database uses to find all the other files used by the database. Because of the importance of the control file, Oracle recommends that the control file be?
a) size constrained, to prevent size overruns
b) multiplexed, or have multiple identical copies
c) stored on an HA USB Drive, to ensure that it does not get overwritten
d) managed by EM12c, to ensure proper maintenance



Answer: a, c, d


Answer: b


Answer: b


Answer: d


Answer: c


Answer: c


Answer: c


Answer: c


Answer: b


Answer: b

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