Oracle 1Z0-242 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-242 Sample Questions:

01. When does a Do Select loop stop?
a) When a row is returned
b) When there is a commit
c) When the cursor is closed
d) When no row is returned from the cursor
e) When control is passed to the calling section
f) When n rows are returned, where n is the value set in the commit frequency field
02. You received a FIXED-format flat file from a third- party vendor. You created a file layout for the import. When you preview the data, you realize that there is a problem with the layout-a field appears to start in the middle of the data. What will you do to correct the problem?
a) Add a new segment to the file layout
b) Specify file record IDs that match the input file record
c) Increase the field length to accommodate the input data
d) Decrease the start position and adjust the field length to match the input data start position and length
03. Examine this Application Engine command line. 
Which option correctly matches the parameters with their descriptions?
a) -AI = Program Name
-CO = Operator ID
-R  = Run Control ID
-CD = Database Name
b) -CT = Program Name
-CD = Operator ID
-R  = Run Control ID
-CO = Database Name
c) -FP = Program Name 
-I = Operator ID
-CT = Run Control ID
-CP = Database Name
d) -AI = Program Name
-CD = Operator ID
-R  = Run Control ID
-CT = Database Name
e) -CT = Program Name
-CO = Operator ID
-I  = Run Control ID
-CD = Database Name
04. PeopleSoft Application Engine program development is easier and more efficient because Application Engine Designer is integrated with PeopleSoft Application Designer.
Select four integrated Application Designer development tools that you can use to develop Application Engine programs.
(Choose four)
a) Find In …
b) SQL Editor
c) Process Monitor
d) PeopleCode Editor
e) PeopleCode Debugger
f) Record Cross Reference
g) PeopleSoft Process Scheduler
05. Which three statements apply to rowset-based messages used in outbound service operations to other PeopleSoft systems? 
(Choose three)
a) Schemas are not necessary
b) A liases cannot be used for field names
c) Aliases cannot be used for record names
d) The PeopleSoft IBRequest format is used
06. When you service-enable a component interface, the request message shape for the Get method contains.
a) Get keys 
b) Find keys 
c) Object key
d) CI buffer structure
e) Find key collection
07. Select a good reason to select Disable Restart in an Application Engine program.
a) The program commits every row.
b) Selecting Disable Restart improves performance because it causes Application Engine to defer all commits until processing completes.
c) The program does a lot of preparation work up front, like joining tables and loading data into temporary work tables.
d) The program only commits once, when the program successfully completes. 
e) The program performs crucial and time-sensitive data processing.
08. Purchase orders entered on your PS Financial System need to be exported to a FIXED flat file for input into a third-party system. The tables are PO_HDR and PO_DTL, with PO_HDR being the parent and PO_DTL the child.  
Which are the five steps you need to perform to create the file layout and export the data from your Financial System?
(Choose five)
a) Write the application engine program to export the data
b) Provide the import data in a correctly formatted flat file
c) Create a file layout to match the record and field structure of the data
d) Set the file layout properties to specify the file layout format of FIXED
e) Preview and troubleshoot the input data format and content
f) Enter File Record IDs on the File Layout Segment Properties
g) Adjust the start position of all file fields after the start position of the File Record ID
09. Select two uses of the Program Flow view in PeopleSoft Application Engine Designer.
(Choose two.)
a) Testing SQL statements
b) Ordering the steps in a program
c) Viewing program flow during execution
d) Viewing the expected sequence of steps
e) Launching editors for SQL andPeopleCode
f) Checking the syntax ofPeopleCode
10. Select three Application Engine action types that can be used to control program flow. 
(Choose three.)
a) Log Message
b) Call Section
d) PeopleCode
e) Do While
f) Evaluate



Answer: d


Answer: d


Answer: a


Answer: a, b, d, e


Answer: a, d, e


Answer: a


Answer: d


Answer: a, c, d, f, g


Answer: d, e


Answer: b, d, e


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