Oracle 1Z0-218 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-218 Sample Questions:

01. Data permission is set up through Tree-based security. You have created a new effective-dated department security tree. Which batch process would you execute?
a) Refresh tree using Tree Manager
b) Nightly_SJT_Refresh_Process
c) Refresh SJT_OPR_CLS
d) Refresh Trans_SJT_tables
e) Refresh SJT_CLASS_ALL
f) Department Activation
02. Identify four tabs at the top of the Company table. 
(Choose four.)
a) Company Location
b) Phones
c) Addresses
d) Default Settings
e) Rules Definition
f) Contacts
03. Identify the four main components in setting up hiring templates.
(Choose four.)
a) Copy Template
b) Template Category Table
c) Template Creation
d) Template Section
e) Template Record/Field
04. In order to set up a Seniority Pay component for worker's salary, what are the four MINIMUM required steps to successfully save it in Comp Rate Code Table? 
(Choose four.)
a) Select a valid Rate Code Class
b) Select a valid Rate Code Type.
c) Enter a Currency Code.
d) Select a Seniority Pay Group.
e) Enter a description
f) Select the date to be used to calculate Seniority.
05. In which two scenarios would you use Role-based data permission security method as compared to Tree based?
(Choose two.)
a) Your organization structure is hierarchical.
b) Your organization is not hierarchical.
c) Your security structure is based largely on the organizational department structure.
d) You want a flexible way to grant security access to a person outside a department.
e) Users have access to data for people in specific areas of the organization.
06. Select three tables that use SetID as the highest key. 
(Choose three.)
a) Job Code
b) Establishment
c) Department
d) Company
e) Business Unit
f) Location
07. Which default value do the Job Code table and Location table have in common?
a) Tax Location
b) Standard Hours
c) Salary Plan
d) Establishment ID
e) Work Period
08. Which field value from the Job Code table is not used as a default on HRMS pages?
a) Rate Code from the Default Compensation page
b) Salary Plan from the Default Compensation page
c) Standard Hours from the Job Code Profile page
d) Standard Work Period from the Job Code Profile page
e) Comp Freq from the Default Compensation page
f) Rate Code from the Non-base Compensation page
09. You are setting up Human Resources for your customer. You have a table sequence to follow for your implementation. Choose the correct sequence of tables.
a) TableSet ID, TableSet Control, Installation, Company Table, Business Unit
b) Installation Table, TableSet ID, TableSet Control, Company Table, Business Unit
c) Installation Table, Company Table, TableSet ID, Business Unit, TableSet Control
d) Installation Table, Business Unit, Company Table, TableSet ID, TableSet Control
e) TableSet ID, Installation, Company Table, Business Unit, TableSet Control
10. Your organization has decided to use a department security tree for Row-Level security in PeopleSoft HRMS system. You decided to use the XYZ permission list to secure data using the Security by Department Tree component. Which step do you need to perform to ensure that Row-Level security is enforced?
a) Add the XYZ permission list to Tree Manager.
b) Add the XYZ permission list to Security Set.
c) Add the XYZ permission list to a role and then assign that role to a user.
d) Add the XYZ permission list to Configuration Manager.
e) Add the XYZ permission list to User Profile.



Answer: e


Answer: a, b, d, e


Answer: b, c, d, e


Answer: a, b, e, f


Answer: b, d


Answer: a, c, f


Answer: c


Answer: f


Answer: c


Answer: e


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