Oracle 1Z0-161 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-161 Sample Questions:

01. You want to use an Integrated Development Environment ( deploy an application to an Oracle Java Cloud Service Instance.
Which two tasks must you accomplish for establishing a connection to the remote Weblogic Server for the first time?
a) Use the SSL port to ensure a secure connection.
b) Create an SSM tunnel.
c) Specify the patch profile.
d) Create a new application server.
e) Specify port 22 as the remote port.
02. Which two types of information are available from the activity logs for Oracle Java Cloud Service – SaaS Extension?
a) application trace information
b) virus scan
c) application whitelist validation
d) application warning messages
e) application error messages
03. Your Oracle Java Cloud Service instance has one Managed Server, lnstance_server_1, which resides on the same VM as the Administration Server. The Managed Server needs to be restarted to address processing errors.
Which two options can you use to restart instance.server.1 without disrupting access to the Administration Server?
a) Stop and start the Managed Server using WLST commands,
b) Stop and start the Managed Server using Oracle Traffic Director.
c) Stop and start the Managed Server using the Oracle Java Cloud Service REST API.
d) Stop and start the Managed Server using Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console.
e) Stop and start the Managed Server from the Topology page in the Oracle Java Cloud Service Console.
04. Which three application standards are supported by Oracle Java Cloud Service - SaaS Extension?
a) Local and remote Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB).Interfaces
b) Java Messaging Service (IMS)
c) SOAP-based and RESTful Web services
d) JDBC to database service
e) Application Development Framework (ADF).
05. You want to deploy an application toan Oracle Java Cloud Service instance. Which two deployment methods require an SSM tunnel?
a) WebLogic Server Scripting Tool (WIST) commands run remotely
b) Fusion Middleware Control Console
c) Integrated Development Environment (IOC).
d) WebLogic Server Administration Console
e) WebLogic Server Scripting Tool (WIST) commands run locally
06. The Coherence feature is optional In Oracle lava Cloud Service, Which is a true statement about the Coherence feature?
a) The Coherence feature Is enabled only during the initial creation of a service instance In Oracle Java Cloud Service.
b) When the Coherence feature Is enabled, only the data tier cluster Is associated with the Coherence duster.
c) The data tier duster Is scaled independently of the application tier cluster using cloud tooling or the REST API.
d) The data tier cluster cannot be removed after the Coherence feature is enabled.
07. You created an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance. Which statement Is true?
a) If you add a node by using the WebLogic Server Admiration Console, lint mm node is maintained automatically.
b) You can distribute Managed Servers In the domain across more than one machine
c) If you have a duster with more than one node, you must contra your own load balancer.
d) The Java Message Service and Java Database Connectivity are configured
e) Your service Is configured with as many nodes as you specified as the cluster size.
08. A benefit of Oracle Java Cloud Service – SaaS Extension is support?
a) web applications by using Java Server Pages (JSP)
b) databases such as MySQL and Oracle Database 12c
c) Enterprise Java Beans (EJB).
d) third-party frameworks such as Application Struts
e) Java EE 5, Java EE 6, Java EE 7, and Java EE 8 APIs
f) object-oriented Cobol
09. In your Java Cloud Service instance, you have deployed a Java EE application for the sales activity in your organization. You have created a Sales Admin role, which is meant to manage only the sales application. What must be the scope of the Sales Admin role?
a) global
b) scoped to the sales application
c) scoped to the Managed Server that is running the sales application
d) scoped to the Administration Server

10. You are developing Java EE applications for deployment to your Oracle Java Cloud Service instance.

What three functions does Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE).offer to Support your development efforts?

a) It Includes templates and wizards to assist in creating projects.
b) It validates public and private URLs.
c) It includes both GUI and command-line interfaces.
d) It is a certified plug-in to the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
e) It generates executable code from multiple source language
f) It provides white list scanning to assess applications before deployment



Answer: b,e


Answer: b, c


Answer: a, d


Answer: b, c, d


Answer: b


Answer: d


Answer: c


Answer: c


Answer: d


Answer: a,d,e


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