Oracle 1Z0-902 Certification Exam Syllabus

1Z0-902 Syllabus, 1Z0-902 Latest Dumps PDF, Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Implementation Essentials Dumps, 1Z0-902 Free Download PDF Dumps, Exadata X9M DumpsYou can use this Oracle 1Z0-902 exam study guide to collect all the information about the Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Implementation Essentials exam. The Oracle 1Z0-902 certification exam is mainly targeted to those candidates who have some experience or exposure to Oracle Exadata technology and want to flourish their career with Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Certified Implementation Specialist credential.

The Oracle 1Z0-902 certification exam validates your understanding of the Oracle Exadata technology and sets the stage for your future progression. Your preparation plan for Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Implementation Essentials Certification exam should include hands-on practice or on-the-job experience performing the tasks described in following certification exam syllabus topics.

Oracle 1Z0-902 Exam Details:

Exam Name Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Implementation Essentials
Exam Code 1Z0-902
Exam Price USD $245 (Pricing may vary by country or by localized currency)
Duration 90 minutes
Number of Questions 60
Passing Score 64%
Format Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Recommended Training Earn the Oracle Exadata X9M Certified Implementation Specialist Credential
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Sample Questions Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Certified Implementation Specialist
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Oracle 1Z0-902 Syllabus Topics:

Exadata Database Machine Architecture and Key Capabilities - Describe Exadata hardware architecture (2x database server types, 3x storage server types, power distribution, leaf and spine switches)
- Describe Exadata software architecture and deployment scenarios
- Describe Exadata Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) and Client network architecture (including multirack architecture, secure fabric)
- Explain the impact of various diskgroup failure group choices
- Describe the deployment options of Exadata including Virtualization and Bare Metal
Exadata Database Machine Site and Implementation Planning (OECA&OEDA) - Describe the function of Oracle Exadata Configuration Assistant and Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant
- Design an Exadata Database Machine with Oracle ZFS Storage in a single rack using Oracle Exadata Configuration Assistant
- Configure Exadata Database virtual deployment using Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant
- Add additional database server to a physical Exadata Database Machine using Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant
- Describe physical site requirements and safety best practices for implementing Exadata (site planning, cooling, power)
- Install and configure Oracle Exadata using Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant
Exadata Database Machine Installation - Configure Exadata Database Server SP port (ILOM)
- Describe the procedure for receiving the rack on site
- Reconfigure the Exadata Database Machine to use a single power cable
- Verify the firmware of an Exadata Storage Server
- Set up Automatic Service Request (ASR) on the Exadata Database Machine
Exadata Database Machine Integration - Describe the network integration options of Exadata Database Machine
- Connect Exadata Database Server in various scenarios, including client and backup networks
Exadata Database Machine Configuration and Administration - Create and configure Automatic Storage Management disk groups using Exadata
- Configure Exadata software and resources using CellCLI or other tools
- Use the CellCLI, ExaCLI, DCLI and ExaDCLI Exadata administration tools in various situations
- Create an ACFS Filesystem for use with external tables
- Back up the Exadata Database Machine and databases on Exadata
- Enable Flash Cache Write Back
- Start and restart an Exadata Virtual Machine
Exadata Database Machine Security - Configure Exadata security (storage, secure boot, cellwall, AIDE, ASM Scoped Security, Database Scoped Security, FIPS secure filesystem)
- Implement Access Control for REST API
Exadata Database Machine Troubleshooting - Recover Storage Cell from disk failure
- Use Exadata Software to troubleshoot client network disconnect
Exadata Database Machine Monitoring - Describe the monitoring recommendations for Exadata Database Machine database servers
- Use Cloud Control or DBMCLI to monitor Exadata Database Machine Database Servers
- Monitor Exadata Storage Server and Network using Command line or Cloud control
- Describe the Enterprise Manager cloud Control architecture as it specifically applies to Exadata Database Machine
- Use Enterprise Manager to discover Exadata Database Machine
- Describe the Auto Service Request (ASR) function and how it relates to Exadata Database Machine
- Describe Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) and how it relates to Exadata Database Machine
Exadata Database Machine Updates - Describe how software is maintained on different Database Machine components
- Use Exadata Software to deploy an update to an Exadata Database Machine without downtime
- Use patchmgr to update a single storage server
Exadata Database Maintenance Tasks - Power Database Machine on and off
- Safely shut down a single Exadata Storage Server
- Replace a damaged physical disk on a cell
- Replace a damaged flash card on a cell
- Add additional storage to Exadata Database Servers
- Use the Exadata Cell Software Rescue Procedure

The Oracle Exadata X9M Certification Program certifies candidates on skills and knowledge related to Oracle Exadata products and technologies. The Oracle 1Z0-902 is granted based on a combination of passing exams, training, and performance-based assignments, depending on the level of certification. Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Implementation Essentials certification is a real benchmark of experience and expertise that helps you stand out in a crowd among employers. To ensure success, Oracle recommends combining education courses, practice exams, and hands-on experience to prepare for your Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Certified Implementation Specialist certification exam as questions will test your ability to apply the knowledge you have gained in hands-on practice or professional experience.

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