Oracle 1Z0-750 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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Oracle 1Z0-750 Sample Questions:

01. Thomas has created an app and wants to add a help Icon to the navigation bar. He has added the list entry with the Image/Class fa-question circle-o and List Entry Label "Help." When he runs the app, the question mark Is displayed together with the word Help.
How can Thomas display just the icon and not the word Help in the navigation bar?
a) Set List Entry Label to "Null."
b) Set List Entry Template to "Icon."
c) Set User Defined Attribute 02 to icon-only
d) Set List Attributes to style"display:none;
02. Which two are true about using the Create Page Wizard to create a report with "Report with Form on Table"?
(Choose two.)
a) The wizard builds two pages using an interactive grid page and a form page.
b) The report and form must both be based on the same table or view.
c) The wizard builds two pages, and interactive report page and a form page.
d) The second page allows users to select the previous and next records.
e) The first page allows users to update records.
03. When testing the Data Load Wizard pages, you realize that you forgot to add a transformation rule. What should you do to add the transformation rule?
a) Update Data Load Definition.
b) Delete Data Load Definition and re-create it manually.
c) Use the Create Page Wizard to re-create the pages.
d) Update the existing generated pages.
04. As a project manager, you use spreadsheets to keep track of multiple projects. As you took responsibility of more projects, you became tired of managing them in spreadsheets.
You have collated all of your project data in one single spreadsheet. You also want to maintain the data in an Oracle Database table by using an Oracle APEX application.
Which two actions can you take?
(Choose two.)
a) Define a Data Loading page in the Create Application Wizard.
b) Use SQL Workshop > Utilities > Data Workshop to load the data into a new table, and then use the Create Application Wizard to create an application on the new table.
c) Create an application by using the Create Application Wizard, and then add a table for the spreadsheet data.
d) Use the Create Application Wizard and select “From a Spreadsheet.”
e) Create a new table by using SQL Workshop > Object Browser > Create Table, and then use the Create Application Wizard to create an application based on the new table.
05. Jenny has a form page based on ORDER_ITEMS. For certain product types, she needs to redirect to a modal dialog page to ask for additional information, before validating or processing the record on page submission.
Which processing point should Jenny select for the branch?
a) Before Computations
b) After Processing
c) After Submit
d) Processing
06. Which is true about a workspace in Oracle APEX?
a) It can be associated only with one schema.
b) It can be associated with the multiple schemas in the same database.
c) It can be associated with multiple schemas from different databases.
d) It is not associated with any schemas.
07. Betty has created a zip file,, to include all of her static application files that she references in her application. The files are divided into different subdirectories for JavaScript and CSS.
How can Betty upload the static files, so they can be referenced, and maintain the subdirectory structure?
a) Unzip, and upload each directory individually.
b) Upload to the file server and unzip the file. In User Interface Properties, edit the Theme, and set JavaScript File URLs.
c) In Shared Components, create the required subdirectories. Unzip, and upload each file into their subdirectories.
d) Upload, and set Unzip File to Yes.
08. You can control when an authorization scheme is validated by using the Evaluation Point. Select three valid Evaluation Points.
a) once per session
b) once per region
c) once per page view
d) once per day
e) always (no caching)
f) once per user
09. What is the least error-prone way to split a long list into two lists?
a) Create an empty second list, copy selected list items from the first list to the second list, and then remove the copied list items from the first list.
b) Create two new lists, copy list items from the initial list to the first list, copy the remaining list items from the initial list to the second list, and then delete the initial list.
c) Create an empty second list, manually re-create the needed list entries, and then remove the matching list entries from the first list.
d) Copy the entire list, grid edit the copied list and remove entries that are not needed, and then grid edit the first list and remove the entries that are now in the second list.
10. Susan is building a new bug tracking application by using the Create Application Wizard. She wants to change the icon on the login screen to the "app-icon-bug" image.
How can Susan change the icon?
a) Click Appearance, and then click Choose New Icon
b) Click User Interface Defaults, and then select Edit Defaults
c) Edit the home page and click Select Icon
d) Click Advanced Settings, and then use the select list for Icon


Question: 01

Answer: c

Question: 02

Answer: b, c

Question: 03

Answer: a

Question: 04

Answer: b, d

Question: 05

Answer: c

Question: 06

Answer: b

Question: 07

Answer: d

Question: 08

Answer: a, c, e

Question: 09

Answer: d

Question: 10

Answer: a

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