Oracle 1Z0-1065-20 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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Oracle 1Z0-1065-20 Sample Questions:

01. Identify the complete sequence for the Procure-to-Pay flow.
a) Create Requisition > Create Job Order > Build Inventory > Transfer Inventory > Pay Supplier > Return Goods to Supplier.
b) Create Requisition > Create Purchase Order > Fulfill Purchase Order > Enter Invoice > Match Invoice > Pay Supplier.
c) Create Requisition > Request for Quote > Analyze Quote > Award Supplier.
d) Enter Invoice > Match Invoice > Pay Supplier > Return Goods to Supplier.
02. Your customer has requested you to set up a Procurement Business Unit to serve the procurement needs of various Requisitioning Business Units.
How would you set up the Shared Procurement model in Oracle Procurement Cloud?
a) by setting up a Procurement Business Unit and a Requisitioning Business Unit in the Functional Setup Manager
b) by setting up the Default Procurement BU in the Requisitioning Business Function
c) by providing a default Business Unit in the Procurement Agent setup
d) by setting up a Service Provider relationship in the Business Unit setup
03. During a Fusion Procurement implementation, your customer has asked you to set up document numbering for purchasing documents.
Where do you setup the Next Purchase Order Number in Fusion Procurement Applications?
a) Configure Procurement Business Functions
b) Configure Procurement Business Function
c) Configure Requisitioning Business Function
d) Manage Common Options for Payables and Procurement
04. You are creating a Purchase Order based on the style “InFusion Purchasing Style”. While entering a Purchase Order line, you find that the line type named Goods is available but the line type named LINE does not appear.
Identify a reason for this behavior.
a) The Goods check box is not checked for the Purchase Bases field of the Commodities option in the “Create Document Style” task.
b) The line type LINE is not among the selected line types for the document style “InFusion Purchasing Style”.
c) Display Name for the Purchase Order is not set in the “Create Document Style” task.
d) The status of the “InFusion Purchasing Style” is not Active.
05. When creating a non-catalog requisition, a requester checks the “New Supplier” checkbox. By checking this checkbox, the user is ____.
a) required to execute an ESS (Enterprise Scheduler Service) job to initiate the supplier registration process
b) suggesting a possible new supplier that requires further action by the Buyer and the Supplier Administrator
c) triggering an automated process to intimate a new supplier to register with the user’s company
d) triggering an automated process to create a new supplier
06. Your customer wants toconfigure three business units (BUs) as follows:
- US East BU and US West BU that perform requisitioning-related business processes and tasks. The US East BU provides payment services for its own invoices and for the US West BU’s invoices.
- One BU, US Header BU, that is configured as a shared Procurement BU with only the Procurement function enabled Identify the correct configuration.
Identify the correct configuration.
a) The US Header BU needs to be configured as a Payables Payment Service Provider.
b) The US West BU needs to be configuredas a Customer Payments Service Provider.
c) The US East BU and US West BU need to be configured as Payables Payment Service Provider.
d) The US East BU needs to be configured as a Payables Payment Service Provider.
07. In which Functional setup Manager task is Next Purchase Order Number set up?
a) Manage Common Options for Payables
b) Configure Procurement Business Function
c) Define a sequence for auto numbering and assign it back in Configure BU numbering setup
d) Configure Requisitioning Business Function
e) Configure Procurement Document Numbering
08. A supplier has one corporate site location and three other site locations from where they supply goods to your client locations.
Each site must have its own contract for negotiating and they must be restricted from viewing each other’s negotiations.
How would you configure this?
a) by giving the Procurement Agent role to the supplier contract
b) by restricting supplier contract access to a specific supplier site
c) by restricting supplier contract access to Supplier Level
d) by giving the Supplier Administrator role to the supplier contract
09. What is the difference between Prospective and Spend authorized suppliers?
a) Prospective suppliers can participate in Sourcing activities only, whereas Spend authorized suppliers can participate in all Procure-to-Pay activities.
b) Prospective suppliers are limited to sourcing and qualification activities, whereas Spend authorized suppliers are limited to purchase orders and agreements.
c) Prospective suppliers are limited to purchase orders, whereas both purchase order and agreement can be created for Spend authorized suppliers.
d) Prospective suppliers are suggested by internal users, whereas Spend authorized suppliers are registered externally.
10. Identify two features of the price break functionality provided in Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) document types.
a) means to provide price discounts
b) condition-dependent reductions in price
c) payment method, which supports multiple-installment payment goods or services
d) change orders affecting pricing of specific lines
e) price increase request from a supplier through the supplier portal


Question: 01

Answer: b

Question: 02

Answer: d

Question: 03

Answer: b

Question: 04

Answer: c

Question: 05

Answer: b

Question: 06

Answer: d

Question: 07

Answer: e

Question: 08

Answer: a

Question: 09

Answer: a

Question: 10

Answer: a, b

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