Oracle 1Z0-1041-23 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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Oracle 1Z0-1041-23 Sample Questions:

01. Which two statements are true regarding the source of Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Analyses?
a) Analyses can be created from multiple subject areas as long as at least one metric Is Included from each, and the Dimensionality Flag is enabled.
b) Analyses can be created from multiple business models as long as they contain common, conformed dimensions.
c) Analyses cannot be created from multiple subject areas even though they contain common, conformed dimensions.
d) Analyses can be created with measures from multiple physical tables defined as sources in a single logical fact table.
02. You've created a visualization of revenue data over time. The revenue data over time exhibits some curvature in the line visualization.
What trending algorithm should you use to refine the trendline?
a) Set the confidence interval to 95%.
b) Use the linear option.
c) Use the polynomial option.
d) Use the exponential option.
03. How can Oracle Analytics Cloud be used to visualize group relationships between data points on a particular canvas?
a) Visualize the data by using a network chart.
b) Use a combination of a tree diagram and a trellis visualization.
c) Use a variety of colors for each data point.
d) Create a cluster with a suitable number of groups for the specific analysis.
04. You want the Oracle BI Baseline Validation Tool to use specific dashboard prompts when executing a specific dashboard page. In which default file should you specify the values?
a) DashboardPrompts.txt
b) DashboardPrompts.xml
c) Prompts.txt
d) Prompts.xml
05. What does the band inside a box plot visualization represent?
a) The standard deviation of the data
b) The average of the data
c) The maximum of the data
d) The median of the data
06. You create a visualization of revenue data by date (at day level) for the past three years. You then add a forecast. How can you check the accuracy of the forecast?
a) Add reference lines for the maximum and minimum.
b) Combine a polynomial trend line with a suitable reference line.
c) Change the model employed by the algorithm.
d) Select the option to highlight the prediction interval for a given percentage.
07. Which three options are correct about application workbooks?
a) Worksheets can be modified by using the Cube Designer wizard.
b) Worksheets cannot be modified directly in Excel.
c) Application workbooks support the generation reference dimension build method.
d) Multiple dimensions can be placed on a single worksheet.
e) Application workbooks can have data load worksheets and calculation worksheets.
08. You have added new columns to the source table. What should you do to include the new columns in your data model?
a) Update Data Model
b) Add Columns from Database
c) Synchronize with Database
d) Connect to Tables
09. A customer wants to build a Block Storage (BSO) cube which has 8 standard dimensions and 2 attribute dimensions. How many dimension worksheets will the application workbook have?
a) 10 dimension worksheets
b) 12 dimension worksheets
c) 8 dimension worksheets
d) 9 dimension worksheets
e) 1 dimension worksheet
10. Which statement is false regarding arrangement of visuals on a canvas?
a) Visuals can be stacked one on top of another.
b) Visuals can be arranged vertically, one visual beside another.
c) Visuals cannot be arranged automatically.
d) Visuals can be arranged horizontally, one visual above another.


Question: 01

Answer: c, d

Question: 02

Answer: b

Question: 03

Answer: d

Question: 04

Answer: a

Question: 05

Answer: d

Question: 06

Answer: a

Question: 07

Answer: a, c, e

Question: 08

Answer: c

Question: 09

Answer: a

Question: 10

Answer: c

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