Oracle 1Z0-1037-22 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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Oracle 1Z0-1037-22 Sample Questions:

01. You have created a new article in your knowledge base and you want it to always appear at the top of the search result page. What display position should you configure?
a) Place at First
b) Place at Top
c) Historical usefulness
d) Fixed at Top
e) Fix First
02. Contact X is assigned to a Platinum SLA, which allows the contact to create a total incidents in a month. Your client wants to reduce the number of incidents to 100.
Which action should you perform?
a) Delete the Platinum SLA and save the record, create a new SLA with a different name, and assign a total incident count.
b) Activate the default SLA which has a default incident count by deleting the Platinum SLA.
c) In the Platinum SLA modify the total incident count to 100 and save it.
d) Rename the Platinum SLA, change the total incident value to 100, and save it.
03. A customer wants to perform Knowledge Advanced administrative operations on multiple articles using the bulk update feature.
Which three statements are true about the bulk update feature?
(Choose three.)
a) It can request translations of articles.
b) It can change views of articles.
c) It cannot delete articles from the Content Type.
d) It can publish and un-publish articles.
e) It cannot change the owner of articles.
f) It cannot change product/category of articles.
04. In Oracle Knowledge Advanced, which shortcut key opens an external answer in a browser?
a) Ctrl + A
b) Ctrl + T
c) Ctrl + N
d) Ctrl + O
05. How can you access the Report Explorer?
a) Home > Configuration > Report management > Report explorer
b) Home > Configuration > Report Explorer
c) Home > Analytics > Report Explorer
d) Home > Analytics > Report management > Report explorer
e) Home > Configuration > Report management
06. Your customer wants to generate a report showing the number of days since incidents of a particular incident type were updated. What should you use to create this report?
a) Create a level filter using the count () function.
b) Create a group filter using the rel_date_diff() function.
c) Use the date_add() function.
d) Use the date_diff() function nested in the name_format() function.
07. After how many categories will you see a search box that you can use to locate a subset of the categories in Knowledge Advanced?
a) 1000
b) 100
c) 50
d) 500
08. What two factors are responsible for ranking of an answer?
(Choose two.)
a) display position
b) number of answers linked to that answer
c) number of searches for that answer article
d) solved count based on customer activity
09. How is access to a Knowledge Advanced article or external document controlled for web users on the Customer Portal?
a) User groups
b) Console Roles
c) Profiles
d) Views
10. In Knowledge Advanced, which three tasks can be filtered?
(Choose three.)
a) tasks related to specific content types only
b) tasks that are assigned
c) open tasks only
d) tasks for specific users
e) tasks that are unassigned


Question: 01

Answer: b

Question: 02

Answer: c

Question: 03

Answer: a, b, d

Question: 04

Answer: d

Question: 05

Answer: c

Question: 06

Answer: d

Question: 07

Answer: b

Question: 08

Answer: a, c

Question: 09

Answer: a

Question: 10

Answer: c, d, e

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