Oracle 1Z0-1035-23 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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Oracle 1Z0-1035-23 Sample Questions:

01. What is the purpose of an interview goal?
a) to drive which screens should be displayed in the interview
b) to test the policy model
c) to ensure that all necessary data needed to display an explanation has been collected
d) to identify the top-level attributes in the policy model
e) to collect data on why the end user is using the interview
02. A customer has requested an interview that will create an incident in Service Cloud along with a number of tasks (linked to the incident).
From a data mapping perspective at the entity level, how can this be achieved with the minimum number of steps?
a) Map the global entity to the Incident object and create an entity for Task object. Map the child entity to the Task object in Service Cloud.
b) Map the global entity to both the Task and Incident objects, because primary objects can be mapped to directly.
c) Do not map the global entity. Create entities for both the task and incident objects and map these to the corresponding objects in Service Cloud.
d) Map the global entity to the Task object and create an entity for the Incident object. Map the child entity to the Incident object in Service Cloud.
e) Create a relationship between Tasks and Incidents in Service Cloud, map the global entity to the Task object and create a child entity for the Incident.
03. Which three statements about Error rules are true?
a) Error rules can only be written in English.
b) An Error rule can include substitution (for example, the person's name) in the error text.
c) The conditions on an Error rule could include attributes from more than one entity.
d) An Error rule could be used to ensure a document has been uploaded.
e) An Error rule could prevent the person from answering that they are both male and pregnant.
04. An inclusion has had certain assets overridden in the destination project. What happens when the inclusion is updated?
a) Changes in the destination project are overridden to match the updated inclusion.
b) Changes made in the destination project are left unchanged, but all other inclusion updates are applied.
c) An error occurs.
d) The policy modeler has the choice whether to accept or reject the change.
05. Which two statements about connectors and grouping operators are correct?
a) The ALL grouping operator sits at the same level as the conditions it is grouping.
b) The grouping operator sits at the same level as the conditions it is grouping.
c) Grouping operators reduce ambiguity in rules.
d) A rule may contain AND and OR connectors.
e) AND and OR connectors must always be on separate lines to the attributes they are connecting.
06. Consider the following excerpt from source material for a building permit: "The City believes that the beauty of its lands is important.
Any owner of an existing building that exceeds threes stories within city limits must pay an additional yearly fee. The fee is $100 for every story in excess of 3." A rule concludes: An owner must pay an additional fee yearly fee if ________.
Which three options complete the conditions for this rule based on the requirements?
a) the city believes the beauty of its lands is important
b) the number of building stories > 3
c) the building is an existing building
d) the fee = (the number of building stories - 3)*100
e) the building is located within city limits
07. When creating your rules, you have used the attribute "the gun fired accidentally". When adding this input to a screen, you notice that the question form of this attribute is "Is the gun fired accidentally true?".
In which way should you resolve this issue to ensure that the word "true" is not included in any text shown to the interview user (including explanations)?
a) Add the verb "to fire" and change the attribute sentence forms in the Edit Attribute dialog box.
b) Remove the word 'accidentally" from the attribute text.
c) Create a custom attribute text in the Edit Attribute dialog box.
d) Change the question text on the screen.
e) Add the verb "to fire".
08. You are instructed to create a very simple interview with a minimal number of elements. Which three elements must be included in an interview?
a) at least one label
b) at least one goal
c) at least one Submit button
d) at least one entity collect
e) at least one stage
f) at least one screen
09. Which action creates a shared version of a project for two policy modelers to work on together?
a) Project tab | Inclusions | Add
b) Project tab | Upload changes
c) Project tab | Deploy snapshot
d) Project tab | Add project to repository
e) Project tab | Open project from Hub
f) Project tab | Share a copy of this project
10. You are asked to make a pdf-formatted form available for download at the end of an interview, containing all responses that the user provided during the interview.
Which three steps are required to accomplish this?
a) In the Interview tab, add a form control on the final screen.
b) Using labels and other controls, re-create the content of the form on the final interview screen.
c) Create a form template using BI Publisher containing values referenced from OPA.
d) Link to a pre-made pdf on the final screen of the interview, containing a list of all possible questions that may be posed in the interview.
e) Add names to the attributes you want to include in the form.
f) Add an upload control in your final interview screen.


Question: 01

Answer: e

Question: 02

Answer: d

Question: 03

Answer: a, b, c

Question: 04

Answer: d

Question: 05

Answer: d, e

Question: 06

Answer: b, c, e

Question: 07

Answer: c

Question: 08

Answer: b, c, f

Question: 09

Answer: a

Question: 10

Answer: b, c, e

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