What is Oracle Solaris? How to Prepare for Solaris 11 certification?

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Oracle Solaris is recognized for allowing clientele to build secure, compliant and very efficient cloud environment. The most advanced enterprise operating system, Oracle Solaris 11 has been delivering simplicity, security as well as speed for enterprise cloud environments and DevOps. It is designed to incorporate comprehensive OpenStack distribution. This helps bring its functionalities to different enterprise environments.

Further, it stops malware before it attacks and gets in the software. Oracle Solaris 11 delivers optimization and innovation for oracle database, middleware and application deployments. 

What is Solaris 11 certification?

Oracle Solaris 11 certification is quite contemporary and unique. It is designed for those candidates who already have an in-depth knowledge and strong foundation in Oracle Solaris 11 operating system’s administration at the OCA level. It is meant for those candidates who already have gained the skill of the OS at the OCP level and is conversant with the fundamentals of the UNIX operating system, commands and utilities. 

Level of Certification

Exam Name

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)

1Z0-821: Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)

1Z0-822: Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration

1Z0-820: Upgrade to Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator

What does the certification entail?

In the OCA certification, candidate learns to install and remove the Solaris packages and patches, handle local disk devices and file systems, perform system boot procedures as well as system processes and other important system administration skills. While the OCP certification lets the candidate lets the candidate configure network interfaces, manage swap configurations, core files as well as crash dumps.

The Solaris certification is very good in terms of offering a strong foundation to the candidates, making them lifelong learners. It is recommended that candidate takes up up-to-date training as well as field experience to validate the learning. 

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Who should take up the certification?

Candidates who already work with Solaris on a day-to-day basis but require knowledge of how the technology works and what benefits can be sourced out of it should take up Oracle Solaris 11 certification. Projects that require skills like pre-sales consulting, systems integration, technical management, systems administration etc. can be taken up easily by a certified candidate.

People who already have a strong fundamental knowledge of the UNIX operating system, commands and utilities should take up the Oracle certification to widen their profile. The course is basically designed for system administrators and support engineers. 

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Available Training for Oracle Solaris 11

There are different training formats available for getting certified by Oracle Solaris 11. All the formats are of fixed duration. They last for 5 days. Both the course material and the language of the course is English for the benefit of the students. They are priced differently depending upon the design of the training format.

One can either opt for training on demand or classroom training. However, one also gets the option of live virtual class training. It is one of the most sought after. It is easy to select the date and location of the virtual class, depending upon the schedule that suits the candidate.

The timings vary of the virtual class, making it possible to enroll for it. The basic prerequisites of the course are basic UNIX skills and UNIX and LINUX essentials. 

Contents of the Oracle Solaris Training

The course begins with ‘Getting started with Oracle Solaris’ which has 12 topics. Then, it has 6 topics related to Oracle Solaris Best Practices followed by 10 topics of Oracle Solaris Administration. While Oracle Solaris Implementation has 7 topics, one also gets to learn about Oracle Solaris Backup and Recovery through a topic. Learn about Oracle Solaris Security through 2 topics and Oracle Solaris Maintenance and troubleshooting through 6 comprehensive topics. 

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Value of Oracle Solaris Certification

With Oracle Solaris 11, you will learn to manage the services as well as different access controls and processes. You will get to know how to install software and perform software package updates. This will lead you to administer data storage, users, network and zones too. The course is designed to offer hands-on experience for performing key system administration tasks. The main objective is to make the system administrator ready to take up the job. 

The value of the candidate who is Oracle Solaris 11 certified increases manifold. The Solaris certification has been raising the bar since its introduction. These stress on advanced skills required by the industry and match the high standards. This leads to valuable credentials for the candidates.

The objective of the Solaris certification is to measure the day-to-day system administration skills as well as the ability to manage the challenges the professionals face in different situations. Interested candidates can also appear for Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration training. It expands the mastery of the enterprise level Oracle Solaris 11.3 operating system. This course entails complex and integrated administration concepts that are supported by in-depth hands-on experience.

Oracle Solaris 11 certification has opened up new vistas for the candidates in the industry. It is certainly the way forward to set new benchmarks and stay forward in the race by making good use of opportunities and facing the challenges that will change the future. 

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