Make a Dream Career with Oracle Certification

Oracle Certifications are valid authorization recognized by an industry that can help you to succeed in your IT career. Oracle is the world’s biggest enterprise software company and to get the oracle certification from this company is a great acknowledgment to your career.

The Oracle Certification Program is a professional certification program provided by the Oracle Corporation. With the hike in applying for jobs in recent days, major IT companies shortlist candidates based on whether they have got certification and so getting the certification is a requisite for all in their corresponding area to increase their entry in a job market.

The Importance of Oracle Certification:

Perception enclosing the true value of certifications really depends on who you ask. Those with certifications will generally argue that they are important; those without them will most likely turn up their noses at them. 

What most IT people do agree upon is this: certifications do influence some amount of value, but they can never replace the applicability of good experience. No matter what position you take, you should recognize that certifications must be important to somebody since the certification industry continues to boom and rise.

Many think that certifications are and will continue nothing but resume filler. The truth is that, like it or not, certifications do and will remain to play an important role in the IT industry. 

The more difficult something is to obtain, the more meaningful it will be. If getting certified is as easy as studying rack sheets and passing a multiple-choice test, then it naturally loses some of its intended value.

If you have no experience and wish to break into a difficult IT field like database administration, get a certification and validate that you at least care enough about this career choice to learn it, study and pass a test.

If you already have experience, take a certification test and force yourself to learn something new and stopover current with the latest technologies. And finally, if you find yourself in a recruiting role, never use certifications as a lone measure of a candidate's abilities, but rather as a symbol of their desire and capability to learn. Instead, find out how they applied their knowledge to figure out problems.

Benefits of Oracle Certification:

The Oracle Certification Program can give you a specific advantage. OCPs have declared to the value of Oracle Certification that An Oracle Certification is a valuable, industry-recognized authorization that represents a proven level of knowledge and ability.

Each higher level of Oracle certification carries a higher standard of benchmarked skill and qualification, which leads to higher opportunities and greater pay.

  • Expand your knowledge base and validate your skills to appeal to potential employers.

Oracle Certification helpful to expand and increase your knowledge base for various programs by Oracle like OCA (Oracle Certified Associate), OCP (Oracle Certified Professional), OCM (Oracle Certified Masters) and OCE (Oracle Certified Expert). It will also beneficial for you to present your skill set to a potential employer and validate your skills.

  • Improve your potential earning power to command a higher salary.

You have enough skills in Database, Application, Java & Middleware, Operating system or Cloud systems. But to prove your skill set and ability to your employer you need Certification because it can help to promote you in your field and give a Golden chance to earn a higher salary.

  • Learn to perform complex, hands-on activities through lab, study and practice sessions.

With Oracle Certification you can get benefit from hands-on activities through lab, study and practice sessions. This will help you to learn to perform in complex situations like multiple works at a single time.

  • Access a secure digital badge you can add to your social media profiles.

Digital badges are a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality or interest that can be earned in various learning environments. Oracle certification is a secure digital badge that you can add to your social media profile. Digital badge profits both you and employers alike. Oracle Digital badges are a perfect solution for validating qualification and helping companies to avoid any pitfalls of unqualified hires.

  • Gain exposure to a wide variety of important features, functions, and tasks to use on the job.

With Oracle Certification, you can earn very good exposure for a wide variety of important features, functions, and tasks to use on the job assigned to you.

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