Enhance Your Career with an Oracle DBA Certification

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Before we look at Oracle certified DBA career opportunities we should learn something about Oracle DBA certification. This certification is very helpful and is recognized as a valid qualification. If you are able to gather substantial amount of work experience as an Oracle database engineer, you will gain a lot of knowledge and skills that will prove to be beneficial later on. You have to have a clear vision about where you want to take your career, so select an area that you are interested in. These certifications usually cover all from an associate to a master. The good news is that an Oracle DBA certification has more than 100 areas that deal in database, support and software.

If you are serious about Oracle certified DBA career opportunities you should inquire with the HR in your company regarding the different training modules. After that make sure you enroll at some classes in a local college or at some technical school. These certification tests are conducted in IT institutions. Most of the courses focuses in making the candidates understand the very concept of Oracle. You will be required to go through the various manuals and publications related to the DBA certification path. Try to organize group study with other students. After you have been through all the classes, you will have to give an exam at a particular venue. These are some of the vital facts that you should keep in mind about the oracle DBA certification. If you want to climb the ladder in your profession this certification is a must. This will surely help you improve your resume. You can also consider doing research on the internet to read important tips.

Some more information on Oracle certification

Oracle is basically a software company that designs software for various organizations. Oracle creates software for financial, insurance, health care and banking sectors. Clearing an Oracle certification test will demonstrate that a candidate has the sufficient knowledge to create unique programs. The certifications are divided into various categories such as Linux, applications, middleware and database. The certification involves the completion of course and clearing an exam.

The benefits of Oracle certification

Getting through this certification may be tough but you will be able to create wonderful programs by working hard. The biggest benefit is that you will get a very good job in the IT industry and not to mention a very good designation. You will get a lot of credibility, but you must do a bit of research to locate the best options when it comes to an Oracle test. If you prepare well for the test you will be able to clear it with flying colours.

Some of the best Oracle certified DBA career opportunities

Candidates who have acquired certifications in Oracle can seek employment in different positions such as financial consultant, application developer and database administrator. Let us look at these career options in detail.

Database Administrator

Database administrator is basically responsible for supervising the different aspects of databases that are associated with a function. Such functions may include proving support to online tutors, recovery and back up procedures and testing software for the databases. The DBA’s may seek certifications in the different Oracle products.

Financial Consultants

These consultants have to shoulder the responsibility for implementing and designing various financial solutions for various companies. This will usually involve working with asset management, treasury and cash. The consultants have to certified in an expert level to be able to use E-Business Suite.

Application Developer

The developers have to be certified at a professional and associate level for the 11g, 10g and 9i versions of Oracle. The employees have to be responsible for creating a software that meets the requirements of an organization. The Application developers have to come up with computer programs that will implement a chain of tasks.

So you see that an Oracle certification will take you a long way provided you clear the exams and achieve good results. An Oracle certification will add weight to your resume without a doubt. Make sure you do a bit of research and locate a reliable institution that teaches you Oracle. So if you are interested in getting a good job and earning well in the process you must get this certification right away.

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