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Have you tried navigating the Oracle Certification website lately? If so, you may have detached with your head spinning! While there are many offerings in many sheets of technology for a broad and varied audience, it may be problematic knowing where to start. 

The Oracle Certification program created with Oracle Database 7.3. Candidates selected either the Database Administrator or the Developer path. Much has changed in a couple of years! The program now fastened by both our core Oracle Database and our Java certifications, but hundreds of implementation certifications have added.

It is good news for non-database professionals who wish to endorse on one of the various Oracle technologies but makes it harder for some to choose the correct certification path. 

One of the experienced DBA and developer, numerous Oracle certification holder, and esteemed author and blogger published an article on in 2015 that opinions the test of time by helping candidates navigate this snaky river of Oracle Certification choices - More than Just Database: A Beginner's Monitor to Oracle Certification. While some of the qualifications and exams referenced by the article may be obsolete, the content is still valid.

If your certification interest is laser-focused on Oracle Database, we can help.

Check this decision-making Infographic below. Scroll further down for more in-depth information on each step in the decision-making process.

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First, decide on a job role - Database Administrator, Developer or Implementer.

Database Administrators: Skillset and job role may differ depending on whether you are an "architect" or  "development" DBA or more of a "production" DBA. Skillset may include installation, patching, configuration, security, backup and recovery, migration, capacity planning, logical and physical data modeling, database design, performance management, SQL Tuning and troubleshooting in the Oracle Cloud, on-premises or both.

Database Developers: Skillset may contain SQL, SQL+, SQLCL, PL/SQL, Java, Application Express, physical and logical modeling, database design, and SQL tuning.

Implementers: Naturally have a strong technical background in the product area in which they are certified and are accountable for implementing or installing this software or specific aspects of the software.

Next, determine which certification path to start.

You may notice that in either path you choose here, you'll be essential to pass a SQL exam. This article can help you mark that choice.

Database Administrators, your following step is to determine which form of certification you wish to chase. Some deliberations are:

  • The version of Oracle Database that your corporation uses if you are employed.
  • The version of Oracle Database most often specified in job descriptions if you are job hunting.
  • Have you already completed an Oracle Database training course for a specific version? It is essential. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification requires training on the version that matches your accreditation or an on later release. E.G., If you have had Oracle training for Oracle Database 11g, you should pursue 11g cert and then upgrade to 12c when suitable.
  • Training is not mandatory to upgrade to an advanced version of Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional.
  • If you certified on an Oracle Database release that is newer than that which is used by your company,  you could help define the plan for the acceptance of new structures and functions
  • When an older form of Oracle Database is de-supported,  you will be required to upgrade your certification to match a supported version of Oracle Database to keep your certification active. Read the Recertification Policy.
  • Oracle recommends keeping your skills current by attending the latest training courses and maintaining your certification.

If you choose Oracle Database 12c R2, start here:

If you want Oracle Database 12c, start here:

If you wish to Oracle Database 11g, begin here:

Database Developers will all twitch in the same place for certification - Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate. From there, you can choose whether to move to a continuous accreditation on 11g or 12c technology. When you get to this topic, the same deliberations listed above apply.

Database Developers begin here:

Implementers: Applicants following an Implementation role should select a product area - Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Database 12c, or Oracle Spatial. An Implementer's product emphasis area might vary slightly associated to a Database Administrator or Developer. Implementation Specialist certifications are accessible to all candidates but geared toward Oracle's companion employees.

  • If you exertion for or wish to work with an Oracle partner, the partner may have product area necessities.
  • If you are looking for this certification on your own, use some of the same deliberations listed above to choose in which way to go.
  • You can also find evaluation exam topics to discover the skills required of someone who holds a particular certification.

If you choose Oracle Database 12c, start here:

If you choose Oracle Database 11g, start here:

If you want Oracle Spatial, start here:

Further considerations for Database Administrators and Developers

A significant concern for both the DBA and Developer tracks is that both a SQL exam and an Associate-level exam necessity passed to earn the Associate level certification.

Here are the choices for the SQL exam:

Oracle Database 12c SQL (1Z0-071): This is a proctored exam that essential take in a test center. Passing this exam makes you the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate credential. This exam better fits the defined job role.

Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals (1Z0-061): This is a non-proctored exam that can be taken online at your location. Passing this exam fulfills the SQL requirement, but does not result in certification on its own. It must be paired with the next test in your path to earn a certification. 

Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I (1Z0-051): This is a non-proctored exam that can be taken online at your location. Passing this exam fulfills the SQL requirement, but does not result in certification on its own. It must be paired with the next test in your path to earn a certification. 

Now that you've received your Database Developer or Administrator qualification, where can you go from here?

Database Administrators can chase the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) level of certification by finishing a related training course and passing the appropriate OCP exam. 

After receiving an OCP, DBAs can concentrate on earning an Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) certification or join the best ranks of Oracle Certified Masters.

Some OCE certifications can get by completing training as an alternative to a precondition OCP certification.  



Equipped with a better understanding of Oracle Database Certification contributions, you should now have what you want to start building a sustainable career path. Get started today!

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