Becoming a Java Certified Professional Means to Invest in Your Future

The IT industry today is bursting with talent. Programmers, Engineers, software testing specialists, project managers, – the industry has a large number of each one of these, and more. While the accessibility of a large talent pool is a definite sign for the industry, it appears to have started to have an adverse impact on the aspiring professionals. With a large number of professionals out in the field, looking for jobs, the competition is rising many-fold.

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Even in the major IT domain, Java is one of the most opposing technologies to be in. Due to the extensive relevance of Java, its ease of learning and knowledge, Java is often the first choice of any aspiring professional. Java certifications are widely prevailing, and the rising number of aspirants are settling on Java certifications. So how to make sure that you stand out, and your skills in Java programming are recognized by the industry? How to defeat this higher competition in Java? The solution is – becoming a certified Java programmer by achieving an Oracle Java certification.

Earning one of the Java certifications is one of the best ways to ensure a rewarding long term career as a Java programmer. This article is focused on the benefits of Java certification and give you five reasons why you should become a certified Java Professional.

Reasons Why Should You Become a Certified Java Professional

Java Certification Gives More Worth to Your Skill

One of the important benefits of certification is that your worth will rise in the market. In simple words, you will be earned more for the same work that you have been doing. Actually, with a Java certification, you can demand more without any doubt!

Most Convenient in Switching Jobs

The second point, Java certification, will be beneficial when you are looking to switch a job. Your certification will help you get your Resume selected almost every time, and will give you a significant advantage in interviews likewise. Moreover, Java certification is often one of the prerequisites for many job profiles.

Great Opportunities as a Freelance Java Programmer

A Java certification will also place you at the edge, just in case you want to become a freelance Java developer, whether full time or as a part-time job with your routine job. Self-employment, again, is an extremely competitive field, and a certification will allow you to demand higher wages for your work.

Better Career Development

Career is a long-term marathon and not a timed rush. And guess what, certifications work as a real promoter for a long-standing career. With a Java certification, your skills as an expert java programmer stand authenticated. This will surely help you form and direct your career progression in the right path.

The Knowledge Will Stay with You for a Lifelong

Lastly, the skills and expertise that you will acquire in your way of achieving the certification will be something that will remain to guide you throughout your career and life. At the end of the day, it’s all about the skills you obtain and the learning that you have, and what best way to do that than to go for a certification?

General Overview of Oracle Java Certifications

The complete Java technology is created and managed by the Oracle Corporation, and Oracle Java Certification is an acknowledgment by the Official Oracle Corporation. The certification that you earn from Oracle Corporation confirms that you have gained comprehensive, quality, and industry-standard skills and expertise on one of the Java Technologies. It can be on anything like Core Java, Java SE, or Java EE also. This is the certificate that can recognize that you will be able to evolve high-quality Java applications employing the technology in which you are certified.

Levels of Oracle Java Certification

There are, fundamentally, four different levels of Oracle Java Certification. On the basis of the level that fits your needs at your workplace, you will have to choose the certifications.

  • OCA (Associate);

  • OCP (Professional);

  • OCE (Expert);

  • OCM (Master).

  • OCA – Oracle Certified Associate: Java SE Associate Level

If you are new to Java, then obtaining OCAJP or Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer, It is an excellent beginning. You will be able to obtain a good understanding of the subject, and that is going to be an excellent starting of your career as a Java Programmer. You will be able to evolve software and applications employing Java Technology now. There are distinct versions of the same Java Certification in Java SE Associate Level like Junior Associate or Novice level, Java SE 7 Programmer, Java SE 8 Programmer. The number of questions for each exam differs, but at all levels, there will be multiple choice questions only. As you are going upwards from the Junior Associate level, passing the previous level exam is the prerequisite.

OCP – Oracle Certified Professional – Java SE Professional Level

With the intention to move further in your career as a Java Programmer and to draw excellent opportunities from the organizations, you will have to opt for the next level of certification, and that is a professional level from associate level. You can take this level of certification only if you are an associate-level Java certified professional. You have several versions of the same exams as OCPJP SE 8, OCPJP SE 7 and OCPJP SE 6.

OCE - Oracle Certified Expert - Java EE Expert Level

The next level of certification in Java certification path is an Oracle Certified Expert. In this exam, you will be measured in the Java EE technology. You have a list of certifications available in this level, and each is for a distinct Java technology.

  • OCEJWCD (Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE Web Component Developer);

  • OCEJPAD (Oracle Certified Expert, Java Persistence API Developer);

  • OCEEJBD (Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE Enterprise Java Beans Developer);

  • OCEJWSD (Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE Web Services Developer);

  • OCEJSFD (Oracle Certified Expert, Java Server Faces Developer).

To excel in your Java career, these Expert level certifications play a major part. This is the best Java certification for those who are having a good understanding of the Enterprise edition in Java and also having real-time experience in building web applications. If you are also an application development framework developer, then this would be an additional benefit for growth in your career.

OCM - Oracle Certified Master

In the Oracle Java Certification path, this is going to be the last certification level. If you are able to pass the exam of Oracle Certified Master level exam, then you can establish a great career path. Oracle Certified Master, Java EE Enterprise Architect (OCMJEA) is the certification that you required to take. You need to achieve at least one of the Oracle Java Certifications. You will have an exam for 60 multiple choice questions, and you must get at least 71 percent to pass the exam and earn your Java certification.

Preparation for Java Certification Exams

Java is a subject that can be learned with practice, and so are the exams. You need to ensure that all your fundamentals are clear in the relevant modules for each level. It will be multiple-choice questions, but the difficulty level is certainly going to grow as your level of certification rises. So, you need to ensure that you are preparing from the appropriate source. There is a number of preparation options available online like videos, eBooks, study guides, and practice tests. Taking Oracle java practice tests will help you a lot in your preparation. But that may not help you constantly. It is important that you refer to the right material at the first stage, and you can go with the practice tests at the end, like before two to three weeks before the exam.


If you are an aspiring professional and want to make a career in Java technology as a developer, then achieving Oracle Java certification can be an entry pass for you if you do not have any hands-on experience. Most of the organizations reckon on these certifications than the real-time experience as they can qualify their employees according to their real-time needs. So, if you have your basics clear in Java, then you can start with the Junior level associate exam.

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