1Z0-900: Passing the Java EE7 Application Developer Exam Is Easy Now!!

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The Oracle 1Z0-900 certification is here to take your career to a new level. Therefore, follow the study guide and utilize the practice test to pass the exam with ease.

What Is Proved through the 1Z0-900 Certification?

The 1Z0-900, Oracle Java EE 7 Application Developer exam proves programming skills to deploy and evolve applications utilizing Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7. The certification is geared towards mid-level to advanced-level Java Front-End and Back-end architects. Application developers and software engineers who have expertise employing Java EE 7 technology to create web-based user interfaces using JSPs, JSFs, and manage business logic JavaScript and servlets are also suitable candidates for the exam.

Who Could Earn Maximum Benefits from the 1Z0-900 Certification?

The 1Z0-900, Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 7 Application Developer certification is most appropriate for any Java professional. There is no prerequisite to taking the exam.

Is There Any Prerequisite to having the 1Z0-900 certification?

Oracle has made the certification journey easy now. Now, candidates do not need to take two certification exams, Oracle Certified Associate and Oracle Certified Professional to get the 1Z0-900 certification. The target is to go-between to get software engineers, and architects, advanced-level Java Front-end and Back-end application developers, who have expertise in utilizing Java EE 7 technology to create web-based user interfaces for the purpose, JavaScript, along with JSPs, JSFs, servlets, and handle business logic.

Details of the 1Z0-900 Exam:

The 1Z0-900 or Java EE 7 Application Developer exam is 150 minutes long, and 70 questions are there, and a candidate needs to get a 66% mark to pass the exam. A candidate faces multiple-choice and scenario-based questions in the exam hall.

What Are the 1Z0-900 Syllabus Topics?

The 1Z0-900 exam covers the following topics-

  • Implement REST Services using JAX-RS API

  • Develop Web Applications using JSFs

  • Use CDI Beans

  • Create Java Applications using WebSockets

  • Secure Java EE 7 Applications

  • Use Concurrency API in Java EE 7 Applications

  • Manage Persistence using JPA Entities and Bean Validation

  • Use Java Message Service API

  • Create Java Web Applications using Servlets

  • Use Batch API in Java EE 7 Applications

  • Understand Java EE Architecture

  • Implement Business Logic by Using EJBs

  • Implement SOAP Services by Using JAX-WS and JAXB APIs

  • Create Java Web Applications using JSPs

How to Prepare for the 1Z0-900 Exam?

Follow the Related Book and Cover the Syllabus Topics:

Studying for any exam definitely needs the proper books and materials. A candidate needs to follow the Oracle Study Guide and learn the syllabus topics from the core. Oracle syllabus is not percentage-based, therefore chalk out a study plan and make an effort to cover the syllabus topics within time.

Take Ample Time for the 1Z0-900 Preparation:

Taking ample time and getting ready for the Oracle 1Z0-900 exam is important. Try to cover two to three topics daily. Proper learning is very important, therefore don't rush to take the exam and learn wisely. While studying, make notes out of the important topics and get ready for a hassle-free revision time.

Get the Official Training Course for Oracle 1Z0-900 Exam:

Oracle 1Z0-900 exam requires studying hard and needs practical experience to pass the exam. A candidate should either opt for virtual training or instructor-led training and earn the knowledge for the exam.

Some of the training programs offered are-

  • Java Learning Subscription

  • Certification Exam Prep Seminar: Java EE 7 Application Developer

A candidate learns about the following through training-

  • They learn to Develop Applications for the Java EE 7 Platform Ed 1,

  • Program in Java using Java SE 8 and Java SE 11, the long-term support releases, and most widely used versions of Java SE.

  • They can learn programs using Java EE 7, which is the platform for enterprise Java applications.

  • They can use the module system to design applications with explicit dependencies and encapsulation at the JAR level, assuring more reliable configuration, improved security, and improved performance.

  • They can make your code more readable and succinct using conventional methods.

  • Test code snippets and APIs using JShell.

  • Use Java Persistence and Java Transaction APIs, create a flexible component model using EJB and CDI technology, provide Timer, Concurrency, and Batch services, and create SOAP and REST web services.

Join Online Forums and Communities:

If a candidate joins online communities and forums, that proves to be really beneficial in the Oracle Java 1Z0-900 certification exams preparation. Learning from communities allows a candidate to learn from the valuable teaching of candidates who already have the certification. The experienced candidates will help a candidate to overcome the challenges regarding the syllabus topics.

Avail the 1Z0-900 Practice Test to Pass the Exam:

Oracle 1Z0-900 preparation is incomplete if you are not ready with proper assessment. A candidate can assess himself through the 1Z0-900 practice test. By using the practice test, a candidate will know his real exam answering speed, preparation efficiency, and Persistence. Rigorous practicing would help a candidate to get familiar with the real exam scenario.

What Are the Benefits of Having JavaEE 7 Application Developer certification?

Streamlined Certification for Easy Access:

Oracle modified the certification path, removing prerequisites that were creating an obstacle to earning the 1Z0-900 certification before. Developers no longer need to earn two certifications- Oracle Certified Associate and Professional, to earn the 1Z0-900 certification.

Earn Better Job Opportunities:

Additionally, the certification better fits the job responsibility and gives the candidate a faster chance to get Oracle Certification and all its benefits.

Bottom Line:

Oracle certifications are considered to be very popular and thus open multiple career opportunities for the candidate. Therefore, grab the 1Z0-900 certification and open the path for ultimate success.

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