1Z0-1088-21 Certification: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Enterprise Workloads Exam: Prioritize Practicing to Pass It

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The success in the 1Z0-1088-21 exam is dependent on studying hard, but it is even more dependent on practice tests. Therefore plan your study schedule and ace the exam with ease.

What Is the 1Z0-1088-21 Certification all About?

The 1Z0-1088-21 certification earns you the Cloud Infrastructure Enterprise Workloads Associate certification.

An Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Enterprise Workloads Associate, 1Z0-1088-21 certified, is a candidate who proved the practical experience and knowledge required to architect and implement Oracle on Oracle Solutions.

Details of the 1Z0-1088-21 Exam:

The 1Z0-1088-21 exam is 90 minutes long and asks 55 questions. A candidate must get a 68% mark to pass the exam.

What Knowledges Are Validated through the 1Z0-1088-21 Certification?

The 1Z0-1088-21 certification validates some of the following skills-

The certification validates that the candidate can design scalable and elastic solutions for PeopleSoft, Siebel, and Hyperion OCI. They can also use high availability and disaster recovery, Data Migration, Migrating WebLogic Applications, Migrating to E-business Suite, JDE, and Implementing Data Warehouses and analytics solutions. Oracle suggests a candidate have the practical knowledge to pass the 1Z0-1088-21 exam.

Who Are the Target Audience for the 1Z0-1088-21 Exam and What Qualities Should They Possess?

Cloud solution architects could benefit highly from the 1Z0-1088-21 certification. The following qualities could be beneficial to ace the 1Z0-1088-21 exam.

  • The 1Z0-1088-21 certification aspirant should have a strong knowledge of OCI concepts.

  • They must understand the business needs for application performance and resiliency.

  • The candidate should be able to translate on-premises app situations to cloud situations.

  • They should be able to design infrastructure systems that meet business and technical demands.

  • The aspirant knows to deal with architect cloud solutions and defines the appropriate migration method.

Study Tips to Get Ready for the 1Z0-1088-21 Exam:

Start Your Preparation at the Earliest with Registration:

Registering for the 1Z0-1088-21 exam should be your priority. Once you are confirmed about the exam date, planning for the 1Z0-1088-21 exam becomes easy.

Learn about the 1Z0-1088-21 Exam Topics:

Covering the syllabus should be your next task, and you must chalk out a plan to cover the topics within a limited time. First, understand what you need to study for the 1Z0-1088-21 exam and make your study schedule.

Here are the exam objectives-

  • Data warehouse & Analytics

  • Migrate Hyperion to OCI

  • Migrate Siebel to OCI

  • Migrate PeopleSoft to OCI

  • Migrate JDE to OCI

  • Migrate E-business Suite to OCI

  • Migrate WebLogic Applications

  • Data Migration Techniques

  • Introducing Oracle on Oracle Solutions

Set Your 1Z0-1088-21 Exam Goals:

Once you discover the exam topics, set your daily goals and cover the syllabus in small portions. Setting the plans at the beginning helps to complete the preparation in an organized manner.

Some people tend to decide the topics just before starting the study, but if you decide the schedule, you can save time and cover your daily targets wisely. Don't rush to take the exam, and cover two to three topics daily.

Fix Your Study Time:

Study for at least two to three hours daily. You don't need to devote your whole day to exam preparation, but daily devotion is a must to conquer the exam in no time.

Read, Write, and Enhance Your Knowledge:

The Best part of passing any multiple-choice exam is remembering the topics for longer. A candidate's learning should be so good that he can recall the details from all exam topics during the actual exam time. For that, a candidate should make a habit of reading and writing the topics and making notes out of them. These notes are convenient during the revision time.

Take the Help of 1Z0-1088-21 Training:

Whatever is your preparation level, it is always best to learn from the experts through Oracle training. Training strengthens your knowledge regarding the practical aspects of the exam and you can apply the knowledge later during your work time. Join any of the following training-

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Enterprise Workloads Certified Associate

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Learning Subscription

Keep on Practicing with 1Z0-1088-21 Practice Test:

If you keep on studying and don't practice or evaluate your preparation level, you might end up forgetting the syllabus topics. Relying on the 1Z0-1088-21 practice test is one of the major steps to boost up your performance. Through online practice attempts, a candidate gets a chance to learn about the actual exam questions and patterns. Not only this, the practice tests are time-based and include real exam-like questions, so they help a candidate become familiar with the actual exam. A candidate's first criteria should be attempting all questions within time. They must fail to answer correctly about some topics, but they should practice hard and enhance the score gradually.

Bottom Line:

As Cloud is the leading source of managing every work in the industry, having the 1Z0-1088-21 certification could be a great choice, as it allows you to deal with OCI in your career.

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