1Z0-1079-21: How to Ace the Oracle SCM Transportation and Global Trade Management Cloud 2021 Implementation Essentials Exam?

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Passing the 1Z0-1079-21 exam and getting your Oracle SCM Transportation and Global Trade Management Cloud 2021 Implementation Specialist (OCS) certification is easy now. To earn easy success, you must rely on premium practice tests and follow them with your study schedule.

Overview of the 1Z0-1079-21 Certification:

The 1Z0-1079-21 is 90 minutes long specialist-level certification and asks 55 questions. You need to get a 64% mark to obtain the specialist-level certification.

As an Oracle SCM Global Trade and Transportation Management Cloud 2021 Implementation Specialist, you demonstrate the knowledge needed to explain Oracle Transportation Management core functionalities and configure the User Interface.

What Do You Learn through the 1Z0-1079-21 Certification Preparation?

Individuals who earn the 1Z0-1079-21 certification are able to use Global Trade Management to include Configuring User Role and Setup, Configuring Restricted Party Screening, and Product Classification Codes; perform Freight Payment and Data Management; configure Automation Agents and the Shipment Planning process and create Order bases and Order Releases.

What Are Some Valuable Study Tips to Pass the Exam?

Learn the 1Z0-1079-21 Syllabus Topics from Core:

Any IT exam preparation needs special devotion and attention to cover the syllabus topics. When the exam is of specialist level, the difficulties are more, and you need to cover each domain to attempt a maximum number of questions. Getting the knowledge from the core is essential, as you need to implement them in future projects.

Plan in Advance for the 1Z0-1079-21 Syllabus Completion:

After you explore the syllabus, chalk out a plan for how you want to cover each topic. Oracle does not mention any syllabus percentage; therefore, keep more time for topics with more subtopics. Your recollecting power could enhance, and revision time could decrease if you follow a simple method of writing notes after you learn each topic. Use these notes before the exam, and complete your revision fast.

Get Your 1Z0-1079-21 Study Schedule:

Exam preparations may seem tiring, but you can make the journey easier if you have a study schedule. If you mention your intentions and plans in a chart, you can make use of your study time productively. But remember, only making a schedule won't help unless you start following it rigorously.

Should You Study At A Strech?

You could study for two to three hours and still can easily cover the 1Z0-1079-21 syllabus topics if you follow his schedule with devotion. If you follow the study plan and focus on daily studying, there won't be any need to study at a stretch. Regular study and hard work are essential but don't be so hard on yourself that you forget to take the much-needed breaks.

Keep track of Your Preparation with 1Z0-1079-21 Practice Tests:

You must keep track of your preparation level by taking online practice tests. If you want to improve further, checking your progress is essential. The benefit of practice tests is industry experts usually design these 1Z0-1079-21 practice tests; therefore, the practice tests offer quality and real-time exam experience. Finishing the practice test within time and gradually scoring higher will improve the time management skills and knowledge of a candidate. You can have valuable insights regarding your preparation and study accordingly.

What Is Oracle Transportation Management Cloud?

  • Oracle Transportation Management Cloud helps to manage all transportation activity throughout the global supply chain. The solution combines ease of use with industry-leading possibilities.

  • Oracle Transportation Management allows you to run your logistics operations more efficiently, reduce freight costs and optimize service levels.

  • Oracle Transportation Operational Planning Cloud helps in optimizing all transportation moves. It includes inbound, outbound, and inter-facility, from simple point-to-point to complex multi-modal, multi-leg, and cross-dock operations.

What Are Some Benefits of Using Oracle Transportation Cloud?

Optimize the Logistics Network:

Find the best way to fulfill transportation demands from simple point-to-point to complex multimodal, multileg, and cross-dock operations.

Streamline Orders and Bids:

Secure bids and effectively plan inbound, outbound, and interfacility orders by collaborating with logistics service providers and shipping partners.

Shipping Plans Are Effective:

Identify historical shipping patterns and check optimal asset use via efficient lane combinations of freight or cooperative routes.

Why There Is A Need for Oracle SCM Transportation and Global Trade Management Cloud?

Oracle Transportation Operational Planning Cloud helps shippers and logistics services to streamline transportation processes and meet customer needs. The solution lowers transportation costs, improves customer service, and offers flexible, global fulfillment options.

As a blended component within Oracle Transportation Management Cloud, Oracle Transportation Operational Planning Cloud automatically selects carriers, rates shipments, generates routing, and tracks deliveries from departure to receipt. The solution saves by determining the lowest-cost carrier and route for every shipment, across every mode, all over the globe.

Some Benefits of Earning the Oracle 1Z0-1079-21 Certification:

The benefit of earning the 1Z0-1079-21 certification is it helps to reach your career to a new level; not only this, the certification allows you to experience the benefits of Oracle Transportation Management Cloud.

Oracle Transportation Operational Planning Cloud allows your logistics enterprise to:

  • The unique architecture helps hybrid costing possibilities to evaluate freight based on your unique rate requirements, so you can take benefit of the industry’s most flexible rating engine that manages the complexities associated with rates of all modes and structures.

  • Efficiently plan inbound, outbound, and inter-facility orders by collaborating with your logistics service providers and your internal fleet.

  • Manage constraint-based rules such as compatibility, location calendars and capacity, and equipment availability.

  • Optimize all shipping decisions. Make small shipments into full truckloads. Have multi-stop trips and pooling solutions via deconsolidation, consolidation, and cross-docking points. Consider small parcels that may be shipped more optimally via Less Than Truckload (LTL), and plan air and vessel moves according to schedules.

  • Ensure compliance with customer-provided routing guides, including your own internal carrier operations.

Bottom Line:

Getting certifications are essential to prove your skills. Once you earn the specialist-level 1Z0-1079-21 certification, you don't need to do anything extra, but the certification says it all about your skills. Therefore, get the 1Z0-1079-21 certification and carve your path to a successful career. 

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