1Z0-1065-21: Oracle Procurement Cloud 2021 Implementation Essentials Exam| Ace It On Your First Attempt!!!

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Is it possible to crack the 1Z0-1065-21 exam on your first attempt? Yes, it is possible with the following study guide and practice test resources. Learn more about the exam and Oracle Procurement Cloud through this article.

Overview of the 1Z0-1065-21 Certified Specialist:

Passing the 1Z0-1065-21 exam leads a candidate to grab an OCS level certification. An Oracle Procurement Cloud 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist proves his strong foundation and expertise in implementing Oracle Procurement Cloud solutions. Candidates who earn the 1Z0-1065-21 certification learn about Purchasing, Self Service Procurement, Sourcing, Supplier Qualification Management, and Procurement Contracts. 

Let's Take A Look at the 1Z0-1065-21 Syllabus Details:

The 1Z0-1065-21, Oracle Procurement Cloud 2021 Implementation Essentials exam covers the following topics-

  • Project-Driven Supply Chain (PDSC)

  • Procurement Contract

  • Supplier Qualification Management (SQM)

  • Sourcing

  • Supplier Portal

  • Self Service Procurement

  • Purchasing

  • Common Procurement

  • Common Applications for Procurement

  • Fusion Functional Set Up Manager

  • Procurement Application Overview

Preparation Tips to Pass Oracle 1Z0-1065-21 Exam:

Know about the Exam Pattern:

The 1Z0-1065-21 exam comprises 55 questions. A candidate gets one hour and thirty minutes to answer the questions. One needs to get 62% marks to pass the Oracle Procurement Cloud 2021 Implementation Essentials exam.

Select an Exam Date to Plan Your 1Z0-1065-21 Preparation:

Register your name for the exam. Pearson Vue conducts the exam; therefore, select your preferred exam date by registering with Pearson Vue. Keep at least a gap of two months between registration and the actual exam. 

Set a Daily Routine:

After selecting the exam date:

  1. Set a study schedule.

  2. Count the total hours till the exam and divide your daily time according to that.

  3. Try to follow the schedule rigorously.

Making a schedule is very easy but one needs to follow it to become successful. You must fix your study hours; if you can study for two hours daily, use it wisely. 

Go Through the 1Z0-1065-21 Syllabus in Detail and Cover It:

After registering for the 1Z0-1065-21 exam, a candidate needs to go through the syllabus in detail. Oracle syllabus is never percentage-based, so make your plan depending on the topic length. Keep more time for lengthier topics and write down the essential topics while studying. Set a target of covering two to three topics daily.

Start Practicing Online:

Reading from a book is not enough for Oracle 1Z0-1065-21 exam. So, a candidate needs to evaluate his performance through online practice tests too. There are many websites providing sample questions and practice exams for clearing the exam. 1Z0-1065-21 practice tests offer you the power to assess your preparation level. Only reading without solving the question answers could lead you to serious trouble during the actual exam. Candidates fail to manage time if they are not practiced enough. Therefore, practice hard and get valuable insights about your preparation level. 

Don’t Study from Dumps:

Dumps for the Oracle 1Z0-1065-21 exam are also easily available on the internet. But don’t study from dumps. Dumps will give you an idea about questions, but you won’t be able to evaluate yourself.

Stay Positive and Focused:

To crack the Oracle 1Z0-1065-21 exam, a candidate needs to be focused, follow a distraction-free study schedule, and stay positive till the last day. Exam preparations are sometimes tiring, and OCS level certification could be more challenging due to the level of the certification. But stay calm and focus on the result.

Join Oracle Training for the 1Z0-1065-21 Exam:

Oracle offers training for the 1Z0-1065-21 exam. It is always better to learn from the experts and enhance your practical knowledge. Don't miss out on the training, therefore.

What Is Oracle Procurement Cloud?

Oracle Fusion Procurement Cloud is an integrated solution that offers key insights and control over supplier qualifications and risk to assure uninterrupted operations while maximizing cost savings, enforcing compliant spending, and improving profitability.

Some Benefits of Using Oracle Procurement Cloud:

Make the Shopping Experience Simple:

Help employee shopping process with an intuitive and consumer-like buying experience. Powerful search abilities and easy comparisons help users quickly find the products and services they require to increase user adoption.

Guarantee Spending Compliance:

Make cost savings and assure compliance by directing purchases to approved suppliers and leverage negotiated pricing. Channel requisitions through multilevel approval workflows and enforces controls on employee purchases.

Streamline Purchasing Method:

Enhance procure-to-pay by automatically making purchase orders from approved requisitions and manage revisions with a complete change history. Automated invoice matching reduces workload and speeds up payment processing.

Bottom Line:

The Oracle 1Z0-1065-21 certification is appropriate for those professionals who are looking for a senior-level profile. Having the 1Z0-1065-21 certification enhances credibility and produces vast job chances. With the development of a skill set that is in trend, the certification helps achieve a competitive margin.

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