1Z0-1060-22: Beneficial Practice Test to Earn the Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud 2022 Professional Certification Is Revealed

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Enroll yourself for unlimited attempts with 1Z0-1060-22 practice tests, and carve the path to your Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud 2022 Certified Implementation Professional (OCP) certification. Get more ideas about exam preparation and earn an overview of Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud through this blog.

Overview of the 1Z0-1060-22 Certification:

1Z0-1060-22, or the Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud 2022 Certified Implementation Professional, is an individual who demonstrates the expertise to implement Oracle Financials Cloud, particularly Accounting Hub Cloud Services. Individuals who earn the 1Z0-1060-22 certification can analyze accounting/reporting/audit and reconciliation demands. They also work on transaction type life cycle, modeling considerations, register source systems, updating registered source systems, configuring Accounting Rules, uploading transaction data, adjusting journal entries, managing reporting and auditing, and performing diagnostics.

Details of the 1Z0-1060-22 Certification Exam:

The 1Z0-1060-22 exam is a 90-minute long exam with 55 questions, and an aspirant needs to get a 64% mark to pass the exam. Passing the exam earns you the Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud 2022 Implementation Professional certification.

How to Get Ready for the 1Z0-1060-22 Exam?

Explore the Exam Objectives First to Learn Them:

The 1Z0-1060-22 exam covers different objectives and domains, and the aspirant must explore and learn each to get a good score and enhance his knowledge. If you proceed with a solid plan to learn the exam objectives, your preparation level becomes easier. Some syllabus domains come with multiple sub-topics and are longer than others, so keep more time for those sections.

Dedicate Your Time to Oracle 1Z0-1060-22 Training:

Joining the Oracle 1Z0-1060-22 training at any point of your preparation is essential. You might opt for the training at the beginning of your preparation and learn from the experts. If you are a self-study candidate, you can cover the syllabus sections and join the training later. It would be best if you possess some knowledge and later join the training for a skill boost. Therefore, join any of the following training and earn success:

  • Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud 2022 Certified Implementation Professional

  • Oracle Financials Cloud Learning Subscription

Stay Motivated throughout the 1Z0-1060-22 Exam Preparation:

Positive thinking and staying motivated throughout the 1Z0-1060-22 exam are important if you want to ace it on your first attempt. You might feel tired during the exam preparation, but have a positive mindset always to get ready for the exam. If you are stress-free, getting ready for the exam becomes easy.

Gauge Your Preparation Level with 1Z0-1060-22 Practice Test:

Every aspirant must assess their preparation level before attempting the actual exam. The online 1Z0-1060-22 practice tests help an aspirant in this regard. These tests would make the aspirant familiar with time management skills and would offer him valuable insights regarding the preparation level. Therefore, take these tests as learning and focus more on the syllabus domains that you feel challenged or unable to attempt.

Utilize Different Study Resources:

The next task after 1Z0-1060-22 syllabus completion is to learn from different study resources. Studying from sample questions or learning from video materials could greatly help the exam preparation.

What Is Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud?

Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud is a strong accounting engine that integrates and aligns information from virtually any source system. It helps to consistently enforce accounting policies and meet multiple reporting demands, offering the user with the control, agility, and insight needed to run your business.

Benefits of Using Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud:

Flexible Integration with the Existing Investments:

Accounting Hub checks out the accounting from multiple third-party transactional systems as an integrated accounting platform. The solution helps to consistently enforce accounting policies and meet several reporting demands in an automated and controlled fashion, with minimal change to existing financial operations. The core possibility of Accounting Hub is the robust accounting engine, which offers flexible configuration that captures rich elements from the existing business systems.

Improve the Agility of Finance Organizations:

Accounting Hub enhances the agility of finance organizations. It uses the simple process for integrating source systems into one enterprise-wide accounting platform and records financial transactions from the sub-ledgers to enhance reporting. The highly-configurable rules engine changes transaction information from external systems to create detailed, accurate, and auditable accounting entries to meet statutory, corporate, regulatory, and management reporting demands.

Bottom Line:

Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud increases control by offering options to automatically account, transform, and post transactions to the general ledger. The centralized architecture enforces compliance and auditability. The use of Oracle Financials Cloud creates the need for certified candidates. Therefore, grab the 1Z0-1060-22 certification for a needed career boost.

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