1Z0-1059-22: Improve Your Preparation Level with Practice Tests to Pass the Oracle Revenue Management Cloud Service 2022 Exam

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Have you checked your preparation level to pass the 1Z0-1059-22 exam? Practice test attempts could better your vision regarding the exam preparation and make your Oracle Revenue Management Cloud Service 2022 Certified Implementation Professional (OCP) certification journey easy.

Who Is A 1Z0-1059-22 Certified Professional? 

1Z0-1059-22, or the Oracle Revenue Management Cloud 2022 Certified Implementation Professional, is an individual who shows the knowledge and skills needed to implement Financials Cloud solutions and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Revenue Management.

What Areas Do You Learn?

Candidates who earn the 1Z0-1059-22 certification can configure standalone pricing, Configure and implement Revenue Management, manage revenue contracts, and understand reporting possibilities.

What Topics Are Covered Under the 1Z0-1059-22 Syllabus?

The 1Z0-1059-22 exam covers the following topics-

  • Revenue Management Reporting

  • Revenue Contracts

  • Revenue Management Setups

  • Revenue Management Overview 

Details of the 1Z0-1059-22 Certification Exam:

The 1Z0-1059-22 exam is a 90-minute long exam with 55 questions, and a candidate must score a 64% mark to pass the exam.

Preparation Tips to Ace the 1Z0-1059-22 Certification:

Maintain A Study Routine:

Staying devoted to a study routine is important if you want to pass the 1Z0-1059-22 exam. If your plan is to devote two hours daily, try to stick to that. There is no strict rule to study for longer hours. But if you are focused during study hours, you can easily cover more. Making short notes while studying could earn you great benefits. If you properly make the short notes, these notes become handy during revision, and you can revise quickly.

Register for the Exam and Cover the 1Z0-1059-22 Syllabus:

Every aspirant must take the registration at first and then proceed for the exam preparation. The next task is to explore the syllabus topics from the core. You must take ample time after registration and go through the syllabus of the 1Z0-1059-22 exam. Once you have time in your hand, preparation becomes easy and effective. Plan it properly for the Oracle exams because the syllabus is not percentage-dependent, and there could be lengthier topics. For perfect exam execution, you must chalk out the best study plan.

Join the Training for the 1Z0-1059-22 Exam:

Oracle suggests having the training and hands-on lab experience for earning success. Therefore you must join the training session to level up your knowledge regarding the 1Z0-1059-22 exam topics. Joining any of the following training is beneficial to pass the exam-

  • Oracle Revenue Management Cloud Service 2022 Certified Implementation Professional

  • Oracle Financials Cloud Learning Subscription

Improve Your Preparation Level with Practice Tests:

Improvement regarding the Oracle 1Z0-1059-22 exam is possible if you keep track of your preparation level. Practicing online becomes essential to get success. There are many trusted 1Z0-1059-22 practice test resources available over the internet. Choose a reliable one to get to your success. The practice exams are usually designed by industry experts and give you the experience of taking the real 1Z0-1059-22 exam. Cheaper dumps are also available, but you will miss out on the self-tracking and progressing phase.

What Is Oracle Revenue Management Cloud?

Oracle Revenue Management Cloud is a unified, automated revenue management solution. It allows the user to address revenue as defined in the ASC 606 and IFRS 15 accounting standard for Revenue from Contracts with clients. The solution offers a configurable framework to generate the identification and creation of customer contracts and performance obligations, their valuations and resulting accounting entries, and the possibility to recognize the revenue over time or at a point in time.

Benefits of Using Oracle Revenue Management Cloud:

Oracle Revenue Management Cloud helps in making better pricing decisions and implementing them to the customers’ bills.

Get Solutions for Merchant Functions:

Add flexibility and improve market pricing. Offer exchange customers with the transparency they need with an audit trail of changes made to price lists and transactions in one single system.

Find Out the Best Pricing:

Make flexible pricing (stepped, tiered, or volume-based) and move beyond trading into new areas such as clearing and doing settlements. Earn more informed pricing decisions with analytics that integrate into customer insights, pricing simulations, deal structures. Make aggregated bills that have charges across all of the product lines.

Make Bank Billing Simpler:

Calculate insurance premiums and fees and manage several lines of business on a single billing platform to improve both efficiency and customer satisfaction. Have changes faster by configuring out-of-the-box pricing rules.

Simpler Health Insurance Revenue Management:

Create and customize merchant invoicing and billing methods.

Enforce and define several fee structures for merchants and card issuers through a single system

Bottom Line:

Your Financial operations could get better with your improved knowledge regarding the Oracle Revenue Management Cloud. Therefore, grab the 1Z0-1059-22 certification and prove your skills within an organization.

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