1Z0-1046-22: How to Prepare for the Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud Professional Exam with Practice Tests?

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Passing the 1Z0-1046-22 exam is essential to earn the Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud 2022 Certified Implementation Professional (OCP) certification. You can use practice tests in your preparation and get ready for the exam. Learn more about some of the beneficial study tips through this blog.

Overview of the 1Z0-1046-22 Certification:

1Z0-1046-22, or the Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud 2021 Certified Implementation Professional, is an individual who shows the strong foundation and expertise to implement Oracle HCM Cloud Service solutions.

What Topics Do You Get Familiar with While Preparing for the 1Z0-1046-22 Certification? 

Aspirants who earn the 1Z0-1046-22 certification get familiar with Enterprise Structures, People Management, Workforce Structures, Checklists, Journeys, Actions, Workflow, Approvals, Alert Composer and Notifications.

Details of the Oracle 1Z0-1046-22 Exam:

The 1Z0-1046-22 exam is a 90-minute long exam with 58 questions. You must get a 70% mark to pass the exam and earn your Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud 2022 Certified Implementation Professional (OCP) certification.

How to Prepare for the 1Z0-1046-22 Exam?

Check Out the 1Z0-1046-22 Syllabus Topics:

An aspirant must check the official 1Z0-1046-22 exam page and get details on the syllabus domains. Knowing the domains helps to chalk out a plan in your brain about covering it. For easy usage, one must keep the syllabus details in his phone or have a printout of the syllabus. Make your study plan in a manner where you keep more time for the lengthier topics. Oracle syllabus is not divided in specific percentages, but you can easily calculate the time by following the number of topics and sub-topics.

Stay Devoted about Your Preparation:

Syllabus completion becomes a challenge for many aspirants, as they do not plan it properly and follow the path of last-minute studying. Therefore, set a goal of studying daily and focus on covering a few topics within your study time.

Go for A Realistic Study Plan:

A candidate must study hard and read well, but taking rest is also essential. Taking gaps in between studies would help you stay energized throughout the study. Follow a study schedule where you decide to devote not more than three hours daily to the 1Z0-1046-22 exam preparation. Covering the whole syllabus is difficult, but it is not impossible. If you are confident with almost all the syllabus domains, chances are high that you will be able to answer a maximum number of questions in the exam hall. 

Expand Your Study Process:

You should never stop yourself from completing the syllabus topics only. Studying hard and expanding your knowledge is equally important. You can do it easily by attempting sample questions and utilizing useful video materials.

Join the Oracle 1Z0-1046-22 Training:

Joining the Oracle 1Z0-1046-22 training is essential to boost your practical knowledge regarding the syllabus. An aspirant learns about the following topics while attending the 1Z0-1046-22 training-

  • They learn to use Oracle Global HR Cloud.

  • The aspirants can implement, configure and extend his applications using best methods.

  • They can administer and manage the applications.

  • The aspirants can navigate, use and complete business tasks in Oracle Global HR Cloud.

  • Importing and exporting data is simple.

  • You can create and publish reports.

  • Develop hybrid solutions where Cloud and on-premises coexist.

  • Blend more effectively with team members using Oracle Social Network.

  • Leverage and upgrade new features.

1Z0-1046-22 Practice Tests Help You to Succeed Easily:

You must rely on the 1Z0-1046-22 practice tests and perform regularly to learn more about your preparation level. Therefore, enroll for the reliable 1Z0-1046-22 practice tests to not miss the scope to get the real exam experience, therefore, enroll yourself in the practice exam attempts and score well in the actual exam.

What Is Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management?

Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management is a comprehensive solution made for cloud. The solution connects every human resource process from hire to retire. It also offers a consistent experience across devices, allowing one source of truth for HR data to enhance decision-making. Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud empowers the user with market-leading innovation to address modern needs and future needs.

Benefits of Using Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud:

Proven HR Leader:

Oracle Human Resources Cloud is named as a leader in analyst reports spanning HR and finance. The recognition is a testament to the relentless focus on customer success. The solution helps to offer the innovation, scalability, and security you need today and into the future.

Get Complete Employee Experience:

Oracle Human Resources Cloud helps the employees get engaged with Oracle ME. The solution is the only complete employee experience platform that tailored guidance and communication to every employee. Oracle HCM helps the employees authentically connect with their manager and peers.

Adapt to People Strategy:

Get accustomed with people strategy at every turn in your business. Oracle Human Resources is a complete HCM solution as part of the unified cloud across finance, sales, and beyond, HR, you get one source of truth to make confident decisions, an employee experience that is easy to scale, and the ability to quickly adjust your methods in uncertain times.

Bottom Line:

Oracle Human Resources Cloud helps you to plan, manage, and optimize global people methods with one common data source. The user can make better decisions, personalize the employee experiences, and leverage highly configurable workflows that offer scalability and localization. If you are keen to improve your knowledge regarding the Oracle Human Resources Cloud, getting the 1Z0-1046-22 certification is essential. As the certification is of a professional level, it proves your credibility, and getting a job becomes easy.

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